9 Signs you should not walk away Just Now

Being in love is a great feeling! It is a sensation of warmth and content. When people truly love someone from their heart, they feel so cheerful and life is perfect for them. They are at the peak of their lives, having an extraordinary time and they cannot be more grateful for it. However, it is not entirely always sunshine. Deep down everyone knows that they are exposed. Their feelings are dependent on the person they are in love with. Along with the happy days comes the threat of feeling wounded. And this is not a great feeling. Having your trust broken at the hands your loved one and getting disappointed is not what one wants in relationship but it does happen. This does not mean you should give up on your relationship so easily. Relationships do not build as quickly and easily as they are broken. A lot of times, effort needs to be done to keep them going. Trust needs to be rebuilt.

Compromise needs to be done. And a lot of things need to be ignored. Most of all, one should not lose hope and walk away so quickly. Checkout our take on what is it that makes a relationship worth fighting for.

1. It kills to think about leaving each other:

Even if there is a tiny bit of a feeling that you want to keep this relationship going, it means you stand a chance to make it work. If both of you agree that leaving each other is not an option then the effort can be made.

2. You believe there is still something that can be done:

If you think you can do a little more work towards the relationship then why back out? Some problems can simply be solved by discussing. Try it out first before leaving.

3. Whatever bothers you did not exist before:

Sometimes tiny issues make our hearts go awry. We get tired of them but we don’t realize that a couple should get together and believe that it is them against the problem rather than letting the problem come in between them like a wall. This tiny wall can be broken easily as the foundation is not strong.

4. You can see your spouse fighting for you:

What better reason to make the effort than the fact that your loved one does not want to let you go! If they are working towards it that means this relationship is so much more worth than you believed?

5. You are under the influence of your peers:

There is nothing really wrong in the bond you share. It is only because your relatives have brain washed you, you try to question it.

6. You don’t have all the information:

Leaving someone on the basis of a rumor would be wrong. Do not over react on everything and try to judge calmly and take a decision on your own.

7. To err is human:

Everyone goes wrong once in their life! Maybe that is what your lover also did! Give them a second chance because they deserve it and this bond deserves it. Learn to let go.

8. Fix what you can:

A lot of times we make decisions in a hurry. One should take time before deciding anything because these relationships are very vulnerable. Try to find out ways to fix the issues.

9. You have intimacy issues:

It so happens sometimes that people are weak and they do not want to be left alone. This makes them do irrational things such as walking away first. They don’t want to be the ones to be dumped. So they simple leave first. You should not do such thing.

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