9 Signs Can Tell When Your Girlfriend Is Not Interested In You

How do you want to take your relationship? Definitely, you want happenings, twists and turns, and not plain, boring person to live with. How do you know your girlfriend is interested in you or your relationship? There are simple things that help to know when your girl wants to take a big leap with you.

You can’t bind a person in a relationship if she is not willing to take you seriously in her life. It will always be the hardest for you in the long run to melt her heart and make it fall for you every time. And, would you always want to live in the self-doubt whether she will love you or not?

If you haven’t made her realized to lower her guard after quite a time in a dating relationship then she will not do it ever. No matter, how much you put efforts to smooth things out in between you but, in the end you will feel that you’ve wasted much of your precious time.

Don’t allow yourself to get hung up over this girl who is merely with you to get some time before she finds someone else who suits her requirements. Don’t deprive yourself of the opportunity to get someone who deserves you and your love. Read the following if you think your girlfriend is indifferent to what you do or feel for her or your relationship with her.

1. She keeps up with a schedule that includes everything but you. It feels like you need an appointment to get into her schedule. But the relationships don’t work according to the availability of any of the two people. You should have to make yourself available for the one you want to share your life with and if she doesn’t want to then you should move on.

2. She is sometimes brutal when gives her opinion on matters on hand. She is not willing to compromise whether it will hurt your feelings. She is more invested in keeping her interest more important than yours.

3. She seems still afraid of making this relationship public. She doesn’t want the two of you to be seen together outside or to the world both of you move in.

4. She is always on the edge of her nerves, you never know and you upset her. It feels that she is absolutely irritated with whatever you do or feel when you two are together.

5. It’s so casual for her to discuss a random guy in front of you and compare him with you. It’s not that she makes you jealous but it’s more appropriate to mention that she is plainly not interested in you and she does this to hurt you.

6. There are more important things for her like her phone when you two are alone and she never puts it down. Sometimes, you want to spend intimate time with her but it seems that she is glued to her phone and whatever you do, you can’t reach her. Probably, it’s her way to avoid you.

7. She has a big mouth and never ceases to hurt you and your feelings with her words. In a relationship, partners are careful not to bring too much negative but she doesn’t care what she says to you.

8. She doesn’t care what she just said has hurt your emotions and she owes an apology but she never does. She is only interested about her own comfort and interest. Her self-satisfaction is top most priority in her life.

9. She never even flinch or shows an expression of concern if another girl hit on you or starts flirting with you. Not getting possessive about your partner is manageable but not want to even discuss that your partner may want to get your attention may indicate that she is not interested in you.