9 Real And Unfortunate Signs In A Relationship When He Is Playing Around With You

Life is not what you see in the movies or read in the books, the real awakening is when you come to know that he is playing around with you. It’s unfortunate yet real to imagine that you can be the victim of a man’s malicious play.

It’s the nature of love to expect and to have high expectations. You should also be taking one thing into account that a relationship has its imperfections and not all of your expectations would meet as you think.

Being in love is exhilaration and magical. Your feelings elate and you possibly experience the best moments of your life. Yet it is also deceptive and hard to know that the person you are in love with is also sincere with you or just playing around. Well, hardship is the second name of love.

Falling in love with a guy is an uncontrollable aspect of your life. The amazing experience don’t give you any time to think of the other factors that could also be involved. He just seems right for you even when everyone around try to tell you that you should take caution.

It is when you go deeper into a relationship with a guy that you realize that there are some hidden factors of his personality that have been hidden to you. It feels amiss when your guy turns out to be the opposite from someone you’ve loved all this time.

It appears to you that it is you who he’s playing with and he is a big player known in his circle. You don’t deserve such person in your life, you deserve someone who loves you and is sincere to you. The moment it turns out that the guy you are dating is a player, you should dump him.

Look for the following signs when you start seeing a guy to be sure that he is a player or not:

1. He teases you intentionally to hurt your spirit.

It is fun for him to destroy your spirit and make you feel bad about yourself. He is playing around you when he only teases you or insult you in every way. He wants to destroy your spirit by making you believe that you are not good enough for any man in the world.

2. He rejects your opinions.

He is not interested when you propose anything or try to contribute with your opinion. It’s his selfish nature that doesn’t want you to get superior on him. He rejects your opinion in the first place because he doesn’t want to give you any liberty to control the relationship.

3. Whatever he says feels like he’s rehearsed it many time.

Nothing that comes out of his mouth feels sincere or coming from the heart. He will use lines that he has used innumerable times on other girls. His timing would be impeccable and the style of saying would be perfect. This is only possible if someone has been using the same lines repeatedly.

4. You don’t get the same freedom as you give him in the relationship.

You can feel the difference in his and your act as being in the same relationship. He would never give you the same freedom as you give him because in that way he will not be in a position to control your life.

5. He is emotionally not available.

He makes everything difficult for you in the sense that if you want to express your emotions then he will judge you and make fun of you. You are unable to make an emotional connection with him means that he has never allowed you to make one.

6. He gets furious on disagreements.

He thinks that his judgment is free from your criticism. You have not allowed to express your opinion when he decided something for the two of you.

7. He puts you in place that you’re not comfortable in.

His personal gains are foremost priority for him and to fulfill those he would ask you for anything, even if that makes you suffer in the most comfortable position.

8. He never gives you reasons to trust him.

He has planned it all so well that he has never given you reasons to trust him or he feels like he owes you for anything. He would never want you to feel dependent on him.

9. His aggressive and violent behavior is difficult to understand.

It is difficult to get an idea that what makes him aggressive suddenly. He likes to control everything in the relationship and when he feels like he’s losing control then you get to bear the violent side of him.

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