9 Signs He Wants You to Assume That He Really Likes You

Hesitation welled up and emotions bottled up in a guy’s life more often which doesn’t allow them to express their feelings to the special girl. Therefore, it seems hard to decode whether he really likes you and thinking about the future of the relationship. They make it real difficult for the girls to identify whether guys are interested in them or not.

Relationships don’t go further because partners involved are failed to express their true emotions to each other.  Especially, boys behave extremely distant and closed off, leaving fewer chances to turn any opportunity into a potential romantic relationship. Guys make it difficult for the girls to read them and to sort out their worries; here comes low key signs to know he likes you:

1. He will find ways to get into a conversation with you.

Despite his indifference to your feelings he loves to buzz around like a bee. Sometimes, he will also start a forced conversation just to talk to you.

2. He spends more time with you than anywhere else.

You might have a feeling that he stays for little time with you and spends a large portion of his day anywhere else, in the contrary, time he spends with you is the only time he has to spare for someone special. Check his work schedule…

3. He plans future dreams with you.

Future pans, goals, and dreams are private details in anybody’s life and people share this information only with the one particular person with whom they feel a deep connection. Has he been opening to you about his goals? He may be planning to give you a special place in his life.

he really likes you

4. He praises you in front of his best friends. 

A guy only introduces his girl to his friends when he is serious of the relationship. Does any one of his friends come to you and tell you about his emotions for you? If yes then he will soon open up to you with his heart and soul.

5. His cheeks blush when he talks to you.

It’s cute to witness when your guy blushes in conversation with you and hiding his true feelings from you. This is a sign to know of his true intentions while he’s trying to suppress his emotions.

6. He gives attention to your small details.

He is definitely interested in you when he brings little details of your life into a conversation that you have shared a while back but is still ingrained in his memory.

7. He takes time to get ready for a date with you.

Mostly, girls take time when they plan to meet their boyfriend or spouse for a special date but when he asks you for extra time to get ready then you must notice that you are important to him like nobody else. And he wants to look presentable before coming to you.
he really likes you

8. He can easily make you smile.

He doesn’t like you in grumpy mood or in tension. He takes special effort to bring smile to your face. He does this only to make you aware that he is the only person who can make you happy throughout life.

9. He is trying to impress your friends too.

He is aware that your friends have a special place in your life and you will never go for any decision without deliberating it with them. He, therefore, tries his best to turn your friends’ opinion in his favor.