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9 Signs Of A Man Who Knows The Worth Of Respect In A Relationship

respect in a relationship

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9 Signs Of A Man Who Knows The Worth Of Respect In A Relationship

Respect for another person in your life who share an equivalent position determines whether you truly love that person or not. Love feels real when you are willing to respect the identity of another person in your life. Respect is acceptance of the other person’s dignity and individuality. A man who is capable to understand this simple notion is the right man for you who knows the worth of respect in the relationship.

It’s foolish to think that a relationship can survive without the element of respect in it. Such a relationship would only be the formality of living together because there would be no room for love in the hearts of people living in it. You take out respect from the relationship and it will collapse, sooner or later.

It’s important to find a man who would respect your individuality, intellect, and expression of emotions. It maybe not easy to find a person who could give you respect as a person but waiting for the right person will give you happiness of the lifetime.

If you already have a man in your life then look out for the following signs in him and be sure that he will value your position in the relationship and will not take your dignity for granted.

1. He isn’t sneaky when you are having conversations with the other guys. He doesn’t even attempt to pry in your matters if you don’t want to disclose as yet.

2. He admires your intellect and ability to bring another perspective, even negating him, when seeing things together. He isn’t afraid of your opinion rather he encourages you to share your thoughts for a healthy argument.

3. He allows you to take control of your life and do whatever you decide to do.

4. He has a vulnerable side but he never tries to put you under pressure or undermine your abilities just because he can’t do certain things himself. He has rather an open approach to accept things as they are.

5. He is clear minded and says straight ahead what he is thinking about the relationship and his expectations from you. He knows his intentions are pure and are in the benefit of your relationship therefore he stays upfront about his expectations.

6. He is not afraid of opinions from other people about your relationship because this is his decision and he respects that a lot. He also wants others to respect his decision and you because you are his choice and he loves you very much. He never feels flustered when he is outside with you in public rather he gives you immense respect and stays by your side at all times.

7. He knows that you are his responsibility and he can’t take it lightly now. He takes care that his deeds or actions shouldn’t hurt your feelings. He is concerned not just about his own personal needs but yours as well.

8. He knows exactly that in order to earn respect from another person you also need to give an equal amount. Men like to be the center of universe in a relationship but he has no expectations from you to demand all the attention and devotion of your time to him only.

9. He has all the respect for you because he admires you and appreciates the fact that you are in his life. He is open about his feelings when you are together and tries to show maturity when your relationship gets into a crisis.

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