9 Signs In Your Man And He Is A Good Man

The description of a good man should not be the looks or the way he behaves in the moment, I know many girls just swoon away when a guy speaks to them in a fancy language with an accent. He should have some of the following signs that we think if present in your man then he is a good man.

1. Your individuality is sacred to him.

A real man will respect your dreams because he has many for himself. The way he desires to make them reality in the similar manner he will want you to achieve your dreams. He loves you as a person, admires your abilities, and the ways you perceive things and make life better. There are personality clashes in almost every relationship but that doesn’t mean that you will ask your partner to change into someone else for your own selfish desires. A true gentleman understands this simple but essential concept of living a peaceful life and respects you the way you are.

2. Your intelligence fascinates him more than your looks.

Perspective, intelligence, prudence, tenacity are the elements of personality that inspire people to love the person in their life. All of these traits should be the criteria to fall in love with someone and not merely looks. A good man will take steps toward your direction because he knows the importance of all the qualities that are present in you. It doesn’t matter in life if your makeup is flawless or not, your dress is impeccable or inexpensive, your attitude is the priciest thing one could have in possession.

3. He believes in giving more than only taking away.

Your relationship and love are more important things to him than anything else in the world. A balance of give and take in a relationship is what keeps it real and strong. His selfless nature and a sense of giving you his one hundred percent are the shining qualities that you could only find in a real man.

4. He has all faith in you.

How good is the feeling when your man tells you his blind faith in your relationship? Surely it does feel on top of the world when he is willing to give up on everything else but you. No matter the fights, the conflicts, the harsh arguments, but he believes in the relationship and staying together.

5. He takes mistakes as the chance to improve.

You do mistakes, unwanted and inadvertently, but the best thing is to make up for what you have done wrong and don’t try to repeat them again. He is a good man if he rectifies his mistakes and takes that as a chance to improve and handle things better.

6. Lying is not allowed.

When a person says, lying is not allowed in a relationship, and acts on it too then you should be grateful that you have a real man in your life. People who stay transparent in their relationships can avoid misunderstandings and major setbacks together.

7. No hazy past.

When a person believes in staying truthful then he will also consider sharing his past with you. If you are living with a real man then you will get to read him like an open book because he will never hide from you any details that are significant and connected to his life.

8. He is a real deal, no fake.

He will remain happy and content with what he has and can do for you in his might. He will not play games with you and will come out as a person that he is because he is not insecure.

9. You will not feel any pressure from him.

He will ask you to be normal and the way you are comfortable in. Unrealistic expectations are unwanted pressures and he certainly doesn’t want to put any on you.

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