9 Signs to Know If a Person Is Overstressed

There are many symptoms to diagnose in a person for any ailment but if a person is overstressed then it takes time to confirm emotional disturbance. Constant pressure- mental, physical or emotional- causes the functions of the body to work in an irregular manner. A person who is overstressed can go through weak immune system and acquire pain in muscles or joints.

Get to know 9 signs if a person is overstressed below:

1. Pain in the body

Overstressed conditions will not make changes in the body first but with time body muscles and joints start to deter. Tense muscles, palpitations, ulcers, arthritis and headaches are most common ailments a person can go through when overstressed. But stress management techniques can help you to heal and deal with day-to-day stress matters.

2. Irregular sleeping patterns

Stress impedes a peaceful state of mind and cause insomnia or sleeping too much from exhaustion. Worried thoughts at night and nightmares in sleep are the indications when you are overstressed. Meditation can help you to find peace within heart and daily exercise with healthy diet can help in sleep disorder.

3. Weight fluctuates and disturbed metabolism

An overstressed person either eats too much or leaves eating at all. Constant worrying changes appetite and eventually the person gains weight exorbitantly or becomes lean. Balanced quantity of food helps the cells in our body to get oxygen and work properly. Skipping meals or excessive eating for the most part of the day affects metabolism. In order to lubricate and nourish the vehicle of the body it is really important that the emotional capacity of a person remains controlled.

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4. Excessive worrying over work

Even after coming back home you still think about the events at work then you are making your body and mind overstressed. After spending several hours under high-intensity environment your physical and mental state require relax time and meditation. Constant stress escalates psychological and physical problems. Don’t let stress to suffocate you.
9 signs if a person is overstressed

5. Tensed body is one of the 9 signs if a person is overstressed

One of the biggest symptoms of an overstressed person is the physical condition that won’t allow a person to sit still. Anxiety and fears trigger an imbalance in the emotional state which can be controlled through a light walk daily, spending time on things that make you happy, gentle stretching or reading your favorite book.

6. Lack of patience

Overstressed personality shows lack of patience and loses temper in a moment. Tolerance seems distant and the near ones are the soft targets of tremendous stress. Sometimes carrying everything on your shoulders makes you vulnerable to snap or get angry quickly. It is better t o slow down a bit and spend time at the beach or enjoy meal at your favorite dine in restaurant-for a change.

7. Too many mood swings

Once in a while is understandable but high stress level in every minute of the day affects your health. Happy in one moment and enraged in the other moment show that your hormones are under constant stress. Clinging with all the worries and never vetting out build up stress to such extent that the person compromises and hurts relationships. An overstressed person can struggle with anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders or in worst cases addiction to alcohol or drugs. Friends in such time help greatly to overcome mental health issues.

8. Substantial hair loss

Normally, 100 hairs shed in a day but hair loss increases incredibly during emotional and physical changes. Stress sparks a change in your body’s physiological functions which can cause the resting hair to shed excessively. Therefore, wide patches start to appear on head when a person takes unnecessary stress.

9. Loss of libido when under stress

Undoubtedly, personal relationship gets affected the most and loss of libido is a prominent one among 9 signs if a person is overstressed. Exhaustion due to stress hinders the physical relationship with partner and it is necessary at that time to exercise relaxation or stress management techniques to keep your loving relationship intact. Talk to your partner about your concerns and fears so that the person will understand your state of mind.

Stress is evident in daily challenges. The need is to manage and pacify situations so that your own emotional, physical and spiritual space would not get disturbed.