9 Secret Signs That He Sees You as His Future Wife

It’s totally normal to get worried about whether he is thinking of you as his future wife or not. After all you also deserve a life time commitment. And after being together for a long time you want to know what he really thinks about you.

So, these 10 secret signs might give you an idea.

He’s saving up Money


In earlier days of your relationship he was careless, and it didn’t matter to him how he spent his money.  He would buy anything he wants whether he needs it or not. But now he is more careful with his money and he’s saving up to have a secure future with you.

He Uses the Royal ‘We’


You are an important part of his life now. Whatever he plans or thinks he uses we instead of I in it. He starts to think about both of you as a single unit.

Values Your Opinion


If he sees you as his wife, then he will behave a little different. He will ask your opinion before making any decision small or big. Your opinion is important to him and it is what satisfies him the most.

He Shares Everything with You


You know everything about him his dark secrets, his fears, insecurities and what not. When something good or bad happens, you are the first one to know. He trusts you a lot and that shows what how much he values you.

No One Can Understand You Better Then Him


He is always there for you. when you are tensed, and you are panicking only he can handle you, only he knows how to calm you down. He is always ready to cheer u up and only he can handle your tantrums without getting annoyed.

He Truly Cares for You


He will notice little things about you even if you don’t tell him. He will care about you, he will pamper you and will keep in mind the little things you like and make an effort to fulfill your desires.

His Family Likes


A very important sign is if he makes you meet his family. If his family knows about you then it is quite obvious that he is thinking of building a life with you.

He Motivates You


He believes in you and motivates you to fulfill your dreams. He will be there to support you in any situation and he wants you to be successful.

Same Sense of Humor


You both have same sense of humor and you both laugh together. You both laugh on the jokes which no one else will ever get. You feel connected and you love to spend time with each other like this. So, people who laugh together stays together.