9 Questions to Ask Yourself If You Feel Stuck In AN Unhappy Marriage

9 Questions to Ask Yourself If You Feel Stuck In AN Unhappy Marriage

Being married does not guarantee happiness. It’s important to be happy while being married. Unfortunately, there are hundreds and thousands of examples or unhappy and unsuccessful marriages around the globe. People usually keep going with the flow just because of thinking about the promises they made while getting married or just for the sake of not ending up a relation, which is considered to be sacred and strong.

Here, an important thing to be mentioned is that there is nothing more painful and hurting than living a relationship, which is returning nothing towards you more than unhappiness and pain. Sometimes, situation becomes so unclear and confusing that people don’t even realize that the reason and cause of their mental disturbance is nothing else, but their own marriage. People usually hesitate in admitting that they are now failing to keep their marriage successful.

There are various reasons and factors which play role in bringing couples to an edge, from where they, either could stand scared or could take a step further and give up their lives. In this situation, most of the people prefer choosing the first option, as they fear of breaking that relation, which they built with pride and confidence. If you also find yourself all stuck in a closed and gloomy tunnel, then you must ask yourself the following questions.

  1. What made the marriage so different than what I dreamt and expected at first?
  2. Do I really feel motivated and desperate to fix whatever is going wrong?
  3. Is there any doubt in my heart and mind about the person and the reason why I married him/her?
  4. What actually the reason behind this feeling is?
  5. Am I unhappy and feeling stuck because of my spouse or there is something else going on wrong in my life?
  6. Where am I going to stand 5 years later if I keep up with this marriage?
  7. How my life is going to be in 5 years from now, if I decide to end up here?
  8. Am I the only person feeling this danger?
  9. Is there any moral and emotional support available for me?

Asking these questions to yourself is very important. Though, the answers to these questions could only be found if you will stay critical and true to yourself.