1. Give and take is not equal.

You will be left with resentment in your heart when you are the only one giving and not receiving in the same way. The imbalances in financial, emotional, and physical support might breed ill-feelings and you should make sure to minimize all of these in your relationship.

2. Excuses and alibis are exceeding limit.

Patience and understanding, both are imperative to keep the peace in a relationship and you need to be flexible with your partner on many cases. But you also need to be clear with your partner that excuses and alibis are acceptable to a certain limit. You would not tolerate if apologies are recurrent and your partner has to explain every time when caught up in wrongdoing.

3. You risk keeping toxic people close.

Being judgmental of people and their habits is not fair but when you are sure that a person remains corrupt and will never change then keeping them in your life will do more harm than any good. Toxicity will contaminate your soul and your relationship and so it would be better for you to just drop them.

4. You give other people the chance to gossip about your relationship.

Gossip encourages a culture of fakeness and cowardice, and it would be best to stay out of it entirely. If another person is causing a problem in your life then the best way to solve a situation would be to address the person face-to-face. You need to be mindful of your actions, if you love to gossip on other people’s lives then someday people will also do the same on your relationship.

5. You overlook yourself for the sake of your partner.

You want a peaceful relationship and a loving partner then give first importance to yourself, allow yourself to be a little selfish. Well, taking yourself for granted and prioritizing other people upon your life can also be potentially destructive.

6. Pleasing people who don’t respect you.

Strong people don’t impress other people to make their spot, they would rather demand for respect and if they can’t get it then they take no time to walk away. You have to learn how to pick your spots and make people aware that you deserve respect. For this, you need to develop the courage and put in efforts to earn people’s respect.

7. You apologize too much.

You need to learn how to own your ground and don’t be apologetic always. Don’t let other people to expect from you that you will always apologize even though there’s no reason for you to do so. You will only be able to make people realize your true worth if you are able to stand your ground whenever necessary.

8. You allow others to take decisions for you.

It is easy for others to take charge of your life and force decisions on you that you are not willing to comply to. Don’t allow them to decide what you want or what is best for you. You need to make your partner realize that it is your choice to agree to or not to agree to the matter.

9. You keep comparing your life to others.

Imagining your life inferior and idealizing others will make you unhappy in the end. Your relationship and your love story is unique, so stop trying to compare your own life to those of others.

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