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9 Clear Signs You Are Not Noticing That She Truly Loves You and Is Not Just Desperate

She truly loves you

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9 Clear Signs You Are Not Noticing That She Truly Loves You and Is Not Just Desperate

Most men find it difficult to understand what a woman is feeling, but sometimes when she constantly tells her feelings for her partner, he takes as her too hungry for love, whereas all she wants is to let her partner know how truly she loves him. So, to avoid this situation a woman keeps her emotions to herself. Below are some signs you are not noticing that she truly loves you and is not just desperate.

1. She Expresses Her Feelings Openly

She isn’t hesitant to tell you how much she adores you, whether it is through simple “I Love You” note or long romantic texts. She will speak her mind out just to let you know that you mean the world to her.

2. She Is Not Scared To Show You What She Really Is

She is totally comfortable with you and she is not afraid to appear imperfect in front you. She shares everything with you, she is not afraid to show her helplessness in front of you.

3. Always Lets You Choose

She doesn’t argue much with you about little things and allow you to choose most of the things. She will keep your suggestions on top always and let you decide.

4. She Is Always Around You

She will always be there for you when you need her the most. She will be there to support you always and will give you sincere advice which will help you to succeed in life. She clearly loves you with all her heart and is not afraid to show it.

5. She Can’t Stay Annoyed at You for A Long Time

When you both get into a fight usually she is the first one to say sorry. For her saying sorry is not a big deal, she values her relation above all. Your fight last for less than an hour, as she cannot bear the thought of losing you.

6. She Is Your Best Friend

You can trust her completely, before being your life partner, she is your true and best friend. You can always count on her and tell her all the good and bad that happens to you. She can be a shoulder to cry on.

7. Never Forgets Any Special Occasion

She is very good with special and important dates. She will never forget your birthday, anniversary or the first time you met each other. She plans something very romantic for the occasion special for you.

8. She Cooks Your Favorite Food

As it is often said that the way to man’s heart is through his stomach, so just to cheer you up and to make you happy she will cook all your favorite dishes. She arranges special dinner nights so that you can relax and you both can spend some quality time together.

9. Values Your Opinion

She trusts you with all her heart. She will ask your opinion before making any decision small or big. Your opinion is important to her and it is what satisfies her the most.

She Dresses Up For You

She wants to look pretty for you. she will take hours to get ready so that she looks simply perfect. She feels super self-conscious because she wants to make your jaw drop.

So, if your woman shows such signs then take notice of it and do not lose her for anything in this world because all she knows is to love you with all her heart. You’re lucky to have her.

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