9 Annoying Mistakes Boyfriends Do That Girlfriends Think Not Cool

Love is the single most beautiful thing between two people which is tantalizing, inspiring, enchanting, and pure magical. This is what every couple believes when they look at a relationship from afar; the bigger picture is always alluring, and grand. They realize the truth when they live into a relationship, it is then they find out the nitty-gritty upon closer inspection, and they understand that love is not as perfect as in their mind.

You can have expectations from your relationship, but never seek an ideal relation. You will not find one because there are always the chances of making mistake and falling out of place. You would expect your man to do the right thing but he can also do opposite to your expectation.

You want to make them understand the annoying mistakes boyfriends do and it irks you more when they continue doing what you think is not cool. This is how a relationship progresses with understanding and patience. However, if you feel that you can’t take it anymore and his actions are totally unacceptable then it’s better to talk out things before you would want to take a big step.

As a boyfriend, you should be aware of your actions when they pique your girlfriend and she couldn’t control her temper. You realize it when she brings everything in your notice but that would also be when she wants to end the relationship. So, scroll down and read what would be the possible mistakes you are doing and making her annoyed.

  1. Being cheesy and act yourself as lovey-dovey when she’s trying to establish a point for a serious conversation can hurt her emotions.
  2. You lose balance when it comes to PDA and fail to understand the urge to do it in the right manner and at the right time. She would think that you are obsessed when you do it too much, or she would feel neglected when you don’t do it at all.
  3. Your insecure behavior makes her lose her edge because you are totally OK keeping a contact with your lady friends; but you bombard her with questions whenever she hangs out with her guy friends.
  4. You are only attracted to her physical features and pay less attention to other aspects of her personality. Compliments should not be objectified.
  5. You always prioritized other things over the planned dates. She finds it insensitive and inconsiderate when you cancel plans.
  6. You have an immediate disregard to her emotions and never allow her to express herself properly.  Don’t dismiss her feelings and pay attention to what she has to say to you.
  7. You keep forgetting your promises and that hurt her trust in you. If you assure her to do the things that you’ve promised and act as well only then she would rely on you completely.
  8. You keep it discreet when you hang out with ex-girlfriends and don’t tell her. It makes her feel that she is not important in your life. You are keeping relations with your exes indicate that there is some shady stuff going down.
  9. You don’t do your own stuff and ask her to do the chores that you are supposed to be doing for yourself. This makes her feel that she has worth not more than a maid in your life who is at your disposal for doing your grocery, dirty laundry, room cleaning, or even scrubbing toilet.

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