8 Things that stop you to fall for Someone So You’re Afraid to Love

Fear of failure is not easy to shun out of your mind especially when one has experienced it once. People call you anti-social, a person who likes seclusion more than anything else but for you this isolation is your wall of defense. They think you don’t have an ability to mingle with others but the reality is not the same. The reason which makes you less socially or emotionally engaged with other people is your fear of falling in love again, you’re afraid of love.

It frightens you when you think of yourself opening up to another person, what if you will be rejected or someone will break your trust, this very thought never leaves you thus you do a number of things to avoid people and social gathering:

1. You try to push other people away

You push people away because you don’t want them to break your guard and then hurt by them in a relationship. You make distance between you and other people wide so that no one can penetrate your feelings.

2. You say no whenever someone asks you out

The possible answer is No whenever your friends ask you for movie or getting a dinner date that’s why they don’t ask you now anymore. You have already said No to friends on social invitations for several times that people don’t even bother you asking again.

3. You avoid situations with your lies or excuses

You find your way out of any situation with a help of a lie or an excuse. Somehow you make up a story that sounds appealing to the other party and they believe your web of lies but it’s you who knows that you are becoming a fibber to escape with social interactions.

4. You deny you’re deserving of love hence you’re afraid of love

You have always been difficult in expressing your emotions and the same way you don’t think you can reciprocate love to someone who deserves love. You feel you are not able to end up in a serious relationship.

5. You are independent and so you don’t want any relationship

You believe that an independent person can survive without love. In case you fall in love with someone then you are afraid that you might lose your self-worth and that person will give no respect for your achievement in life.

6. You think that you are not worthy of love

You think yourself as a messy person, someone who is not worthy of love. Your own worth in your eye is depreciating day-by-day so how can a person will see good in you and fall for you. You just need to understand that the situation is not as bad as you are observing it and there may be someone who is waiting for a forward step from you.

7. You choose ways which will give you an advantage to get out of potential relationships

You try to deflect situations whenever possible to make someone disinterested in you. In order to get away from the all the hassles of a relationship, you change the way you act and turn yourself off to everyone else around you.

8. You’re waiting for ideal love scenario

You are afraid of getting into a relationship with anyone just because you’re waiting for the perfect scenarios and only then you will break your shell and fall in love sincerely.