8 Things You Should Not tell Your Pregnant Wife

If you’ve at any point been pregnant, you know the extraordinary bliss and the exceptional pain it brings. You recognize what it feels like to have insane cravings in the middle of the night, and you know how it feels to lose sleep.

But you forget all the suffering and pain the moment your baby is born because your baby is the most adorable thing ever happened to you. However, pregnancy isn’t easy and husbands who tell their wives that they understand, should not say this because they don’t.

We know that, you, husbands say that to comfort your wife, but there are few things that you shouldn’t tell your pregnant wife.

1. “I know how you feel”

You can never ever know how is she feeling so just don’t pretend that you understand. Instead, ask her if you can help her in any way? Or is there anything you can do to change her mood?

2. “You ate just an hour ago”

Please don’t tell her that she just ate. She already knows that, but she needs to eat more. She is growing a human after all. And it’s something she can’t control so; don’t you dare to tell her this again.

3. “Why are you crying again?”

She is not crying again and again intentionally, it’s her hormones. During pregnancy, there are a lot of hormonal changes. So, don’t get irritated and ask her why is she crying again. Even she does not like to cry every time.

4. “You need to calm down”

Don’t tell her to calm down because pregnancy is not easy. It’s stressful from giving birth to the baby to make sure he lives a healthy life. So, if she is freaking out don’t tell her to calm down instead ask her if you can do something.

5. “I slept amazingly last night”

Very often in pregnancy, it’s difficult for your wife to sleep at night. Because sometimes she is feeling uncomfortable or sometimes because she is feeling nauseated. So, if you slept amazing at night, she is not at all interested in hearing it.

6. Don’t suggest her more kids

Remember pregnancy is not easy. So, let her give birth to this one and then let her relax. Don’t tell her that you think all your kids should be a year apart. She doesn’t want to think about going through the pregnancy phase all over again.

7. “How long it’ll take you to be in shape again”

She already hates her weird body shape. Nothing fits her anymore, which make her furious. So, don’t you dare to make her realize that she is fat and it will take a lot of time to be in shape again.

8. My parents will be there in the delivery room as well

If you love your life and you want to have a long life, then never ever invite anybody in the delivery room without your wife’s consent. Obviously, baby is also yours and you are also excited, but delivery is no joke. Your wife might not want any audience at that time.

Pregnancy is a delicate time in your wife’s life. Simply ensure you’re being touchy to her emotions, ensuring her needs are met and going well beyond to fulfill her demands, making sure she’s happy. She’ll be so appreciative of your efforts and support.