Generation of millennial would not hesitate in recognizing Facebook as a great social tool of this century. A Facebook account is you; describing, feeling, experiencing, celebrating, just yourself while sharing simultaneously to the whole world in one go. As you are revealing all the happenings of life to the world of your family, friends and beyond there are 8 things you should absolutely never, ever share on Facebook.


  • Travelling plans: Determine what should be revealed or concealed. Plan of a luxurious trip will give you an immense pleasure to tell all however by sharing your locations will give an open invitation to those who are ready to inflict harm in anyway.
  • Personal pictures: Think before you click share on your wall. Is that really need to be posted and informed to everyone or just keep it to close group of friends? Beware of what you are about to share as you might not have any idea about the way it may be used further.
  • Financial information: Privacy gives you authority! Don’t avoid. Set a boundary for all and sundry. Make sure your privacy option is intact and that certain people can see updates on your wall. Out of 8 things you should absolutely never, ever share on Facebook this option is top priority.

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  • Don’t mention home or work address: Geotagging is a latest option that can show publicly the location of your house instantly. No one would like if a friend of your friends would barge in while you are in an inappropriate position. Work address should be kept secret as you have no idea that how many number people would wish to do a character assassination behind your back.
  • Political or religious opinions: Yes we have freedom of speech but your wall might have a social circle which can depict a wrong impression of any of your opinion on political or religious matter. Audacity of being open about anything might not be fruitful often.
  • Avoid copy and paste status updates: Don’t give an impression to your friends that common sense is rare to find in you. Certain baseless copy and paste updates circulate everyday but that doesn’t mean you will swim in the same water.
  • Details of your kids: Minimum information about your kids is the best in their interest. Probably scariest among 8 things you should absolutely never, ever share on Facebook.
  • Put-downs: Don’t share your negative or immoral views. It might be just your opinion but it can be hurtful to a specific person.