8 Suspicions Your Partner May Be Seeing Someone

Signs may not be more obvious when you need to know that your partner is seeing someone else, but a pattern of their habits and change in behavior leaves crumbs behind to follow the trail. You should probably not want to buzz a false alarm while sneaking on and investigating your partner. So, try to observe the following changes before coming onto a decision. You should have a good analysis of everything that might have or still bothering you hence it will define your stance when you ask answers from your partner.

1. Is the excitement still on?

Relationship is many things beyond excitement in the bedroom. Has the fun element still same between you and your partner? Are you feeling any gradual change in them? Lack of attention may be the reason that they are interested somewhere else. But, before any final verdict, you also need to know that they are otherwise fine in their matters and there is no work related peeve that is bothering them.

2. Are they readily available?

Your partner’s undivided attention is the biggest hint their time is all yours. Occasionally, they take time to respond to messages or calls. If it’s an everyday issue that you have to ask them for the unresponsive behavior when you needed them the most then you have to check that somebody else might be stealing their time.

3. Is there a convenient excuse for late arrivals?

Work routine pattern tells a lot if your partner is seeing someone else. Late work shifts don’t raise any red flags if seldom they have to come home late. However, for every late arrival if your partner has a convenient excuse then you need to be aware of their outdoor activities.

4. Have your finances gotten tighter over time?

In connection to the previous point, late working hours means that they will be paid extra for the shifts other than the assigned working hours. However, if you feel your finances are getting tighter even after the extra workload that your partner has been claiming that he rendered then your partner may be spending the money and time elsewhere.

5. Have they been carrying a second phone?

Partner or no partner, everyone is careful about their passwords, security, and privacy of their phone contents. Is their phone pin protected or open? If it’s open then there might be a chance that they have another phone hidden from you.

6. Are you receiving more presents other than occasions?

You would expect a gift from your partner on a special occasion but they are showering you with presents every other day having no particular reason may indicate a telltale sign of their guilt. Needless to say, this may be alarming and you need to uncover the truth behind their newly found interest of giving you presents.

7. Are they seeing a special friend these days?

You have known your partner all these years and suddenly there is this special friend that your partner introduced you to, it seems uncanny on their part. There is a plausible reason to raise questions of this uncertain and unfamiliar arrival of a close friend.

8. Are they more forgetful?

There are two reasons that your partner keeps forgetting many things, big or small, related to you. One, they may be too excited to care about you or second, it’s getting difficult for them to handle two people at the same time.