8 Signs Confirm Your Guy Is Selfish And You Have A Toxic Relationship

Life is different when you get into a new relationship with someone, you expect from your partner to accommodate your needs and standards and the same is required from the other side too. Earlier, everything was about you and fulfilling yourself but as a couple you are going to have to be selfless and change the way you prioritize things in life. You need to pull a certain sense of selfishness out of your system and think towards making your partner happy. In doing so, you also want the other person to have flexible attitude in accepting things as they are and only then you can have balanced relationship between you and your partner.

On every stage, you need to show willingness to make compromises and a sense of selflessness to prove to your partner that requirements of the relationship are above your personal desires. You must always be willing to prove that compromise is absolutely essential to maintain balance and peace in your relationship. However, when you acquiesce with the essential element of the relationship, he needs to show the same willingness for the sake of love as well.

Through this way, both partners establish balance, symmetry, fairness, and equality between each other. You prove to one another that you will work towards selflessness and will bring balance that is needed to breed out dysfunction. When you fall for someone, you let go of your selfish desires whenever necessary and carve your life around peace and maturity of love in a relationship.

Your life will go through torment of emotional disturbances, bitter feelings, and a forced relationship when you will have a guy who is downright selfish. Take yourself out of a toxic relationship and look for someone who considers you his top priority before thinking about himself. You will find the following signs if your guy is selfish and you have a toxic relationship.

1.He doesn’t back you up but constantly asks for your support.

He asks for extra support when he is in trouble and wants you to never leave his side, no matter what the circumstances are. But when you need him the most in hard times, he leaves you hanging, and is never to be found around.

2. He incessantly talks about himself.

Everything, every conversation, every event, it is always about how he feels and what he expects. You will notice often that he always finds a way to bring back the conversation to himself in some way.

3. He has personal motives when he does nice things for you.

You might not aware of it at the time when he’s about to do something selfless but he does everything for his personal gain.

4. He keeps reminding that he does nice things for you.

The relationship is like a game for him and he keeps score of everything nice he does for you. He never hesitates to mention in the conversations that at certain time in the certain situation he pulled strings to help you.

5. He keeps certain standards that you have to meet at any cost regardless of how you feel.

You are asked to meet unreasonable standards and expectations of him in the relationship but when it’s time for him to meet your expectation then he assumes himself immune to the standards.

6. He finds it irritating when he has to move his schedule to accommodate you.

He demands you to adjust your life as per his schedule but you must have to accommodate him whenever he asks you to.

7. He will shell out cash from your account without giving you reason.

He never gives financial support and on the contrary gets money from you to meet his desires.

8. His love is conditional.

He makes it to the point that in order to win his love you have to act in a certain way.

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