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8 Signs You and Your Crush Complete Each Other

Love and Relationship

8 Signs You and Your Crush Complete Each Other

Two people are perfectly fit for each other when they are ready to make up for the weaknesses that the other half has and vice versa. There are 10 other factors based on which you can figure out you and your crush would complete each other and your life is worth loving and keeping together.

You both are two puzzle pieces fit together well

Two puzzle pieces are not the same and so are you two. But when put together there will be a connecting part that will make you fit well with each other. However, you have to identify whether your crush will be ready to make up for your weaknesses. You can ascertain such aspect from situations where you feel nervous before a big crowd but your crush helps you to stay calm and speaks up for you.

You can confide in your crush without being afraid of getting exposed

Do you feel comfortable sharing details of your life? Secrets are snippets of information of our life that we will never share with anyone but to the one that you trust completely. You don’t feel uncomfortable spilling the truth about your past with them and that will ensure you two perfectly fit for each other.

You are certain to introduce them to your friends and family

You and your crush complete each other at this point when you are ready to introduce them to your family and friends. Your relationship turns serious because you want to take a leap with someone who is too important in your life that you want to tell the world.

You fight a lot but also come to a healthy solution

Fighting in a relationship keeps both partners sane as it is a great stress reliever. However, the key to save the sanctity of your bond is to sit down and work towards a healthy solution on which both of you are mutually agreed.

Fighting could be dangerous as well but in such time you will get to know that your crush is willing to handle you in the worst.

You live with the security that nobody is judging you

Now-a-days, people have high expectations about their other half. How they should look? What clothes should they wear? What activities they are interested in? In short, the other person must live the life they would agree to. In order to satisfy your crush, you are hurting your self-esteem. The person who allows you to live your life without being the judge of it is the person who is going to take care of you and will love you in your skin forever.

You share deep connection being best Friends

It often turns out that your best friend becomes your life partner. There is no wrong liking your best friend as a lover unless they are interested in someone else. Many relationships start with deep friendship and last longer. Your best friends have your back when everyone is against you. They help and support you in your difficult time and even drag you out of shadows. They know your grey areas and how to handle you in certain situations then why not starting your life with your best friend.

You and your crush are intellectually compatible

Intellectual compatibility ensures that your relationship with your crush will become stronger. You often complete each other’s sentences and sometimes speak what the other person is just processing in mind. Couples stay together for long when share mind compatibility.

There is an irresistible attraction

Attraction does not have to be physical only. There are other facets of personality besides being physically attractive that are equally important. Presence, spoken, intellect, aesthetic, communications, and adventure are some of the characteristics that make a person attractive. If your crush is physically attractive and has other qualities then there’s no reason why you two can’t complete each other.

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