8 Eye Opening Signs That Your Relationship Has No Future

If discomfort is all you felt after putting in every effort in your might then stepping away from your relationship will be for your best interest. If it’s the other way that is pleasure then you have a bright future with your partner.

Love gives you stability in life and in your relationships but you need to determine whether it’s you who is into love or the other side is also deeply involved for making a future together.

There are many aspects of a relationship, if observed seriously, can decide the continuity or ending of it. Though, love brings hard work but it should also be comforting so that you want to live in happily. Difficulties never bother when a couple face them together with a strong will to conclude everything on optimistic approach. But when you feel that you are the only person bearing the burden then you have to cur yourself from the commitment that you’ve made to your relationship.

Figure out if you are happy or distressed with the following eye opening signs to know that your relationship has no future or has a future:

1. There is no more “us” in the routine.

Activities, hobbies, grocery shopping, it is felt that you are the only person who is interested in doing these things but not them. Even when there are outdoor plans, you are never asked by them as if they don’t want to integrate you into their lives. In this case, you need to decide whether you can live in isolation or it’s better to move on and find someone who will share their life with you happily.

2. There are people close to you who keep giving you warnings.

Your love may blind you completely from the reality but you are fortunate having few people around who want you to take their advice and look carefully into things to make a good life for yourself. When you decide to get into a relationship then it’s a long haul that you plan and not the short-term, time killing chapter, you must pay heed to what people are saying for your benefit.

3. There is always room to maximize your potential but you hold back.

You were many things earlier this relationship than just being tied up to this and it feels stacked with them. You have great potential to achieve great things if you get support to maximize it. Since this relationship, you have felt that many opportunities come your way but your partner has not been giving approval to those therefore, you keep skipping them away.

4. There is an emotional weight attached to the relationship and you are only bearing it since day one.

A relationship continues and last when both partners are ready to put in their respective efforts to make it healthy and beautiful. When only one person is bearing its weight then it becomes unjust to your own self and you should end it.

5. There is no commitment from your partner towards keeping you content.

A relationship is a serious commitment if one is up for making things last long. If you don’t know what your future is with this person then you are goofing around and you have no future.

6. There is not a single time you are on the same page.

You feel that you can’t reconcile with your partner on fundamental ideas like, family, morality, values, and even the expectations from the future.

7. There is no real emotion you’ve ever felt.

Real emotions are felt when they are expressed in a sincere manner. After the beginning days of your relationship, you’ve never felt that something said or expressed to you is honest.

8. There is always a hurdle that disrupts the rhythm

Sometimes, the universe wants to tell you that you two are not meant for each. There are always hurdles that disrupt the rhythm when everything is going smooth. An expected and major crisis knocks the both of you off your feet leaving you at loss.

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