Depression is not an exaggerated feeling of sadness or anger, perhaps people tend to misconstrue this ongoing struggle inside of them. It’s a complex psychological condition and makes people uncomfortable to discuss with others in general. You can’t say that you are in depression having bad luck at work assignment because this term is deeper than people usually think about it. There is no need to shy away from discussions involving depression because sharing your condition will make you feel better. There are obvious signs of depression and people can fight it. There is no shame consulting a doctor for this condition after assessing that you might have depression. It would be helpful in the end going to the right person at the right time because your life is valuable and there are people around who care for your well-being.

This is also reality that this serious condition is quite common these days. Its better you equip yourself with handy information which will be shared below to not lose control when it hits you. Sadness most probably becomes the cause for depression. You feel alone and isolated from the world when being sad thus depression takes over and deteriorates your life slowly. It takes your ability to think clearly and leaves you with clouded judgment, in result you ruin your entire life. You make mistakes that you would not commit if it wouldn’t be depression.

It’s important to gather as much information as you can to spot depression within you so that you can seek timely advice and help to overcome it. It’s highly likely that you are in depression if you can find the following symptoms within you. The moment you are sure, get an appointment with a doctor, share your condition with someone who is close to you, and never let this battle won over by depression.

1. Depleting levels of energy.

Fatigue takes over you and you always feel week in your knees. You are emotionally too much drained that your body wants you to just lie down and stick to bed.

2. Insomnia or oversleeping.

When you become the victim of depression, you may experience unhealthy sleeping patterns, either you get into insomnia zone or you just spend all day in your bed snoozing away.

3. Hopelessness descends on your mind.

The purpose of life seems meaningless to you thus it makes you feel lost in the hole you can’t get out of. You feel at a loss of hope in any situation and in any time because depression makes you feel failed in life.

4. Irritation turns into aggression.

You experience unending emotional pain during depression period. You become more prone to getting irritated even on little things and from there you release your pain through anger.

5. Eating disorders.

This is most common after unhealthy sleeping patterns. You experience two eating disorders, either you eat too much to the point of obesity or loss your appetite and affected by malnutrition.

6. Lack of passion.

Earlier, your life was thrived on your passions and goals but you have no more interest now in the things that used to excite you.

7. Suicidal thoughts.

In depression, you immerse yourself into negative and dark thoughts and you could only think of one possible solution to liberate which is to end your life.

8. You feel worthless.

You don’t feel that you are worth anymore for yourself or for others who are close to you. There is always emptiness inside and you struggle to keep every aspect of your life all together.

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