8 Signs He Is Selfish And He’s Using You For His Own Good

You may not expect from your man as a selfish and using you for his own good. But in reality, men do unpredictable things that you may not gauge before but when something happens then you realize that they can be heartless too.

Men can easily assume that they have power over women and they can use them for whatever favors they want to. They misunderstand the soul of relationships, and even take women for granted.

Men make women feel that they are guilty for their uneasy life and they are just doing the right thing. Sometimes, men like to break women emotionally because they are already broken and this is their way to take revenge from the society. They are unhappy so they don’t want the world to be happy.

How do you feel about your life? Is everything as smooth as you see or it’s just a trick?

Women continue relationships knowing that men are selfish. They keep on carrying their duties as loyal and committed to a relationship or perhaps, its love that has blindfolded their sight and they don’t want to accept reality. Some unlucky women get into a relationship with a man whose intentions aren’t sincere but reality appears on them late.

Which one do you belong to?

If you are going to start your relationship or already in one but not happy then watch out for the following signs as your man may be selfish and he is using you for his own good.

1. Commitment is not in your conversation.

His personal pleasures matter the most because he is not interested to invest in this relationship. He never comes towards commitment or he doesn’t want to discuss it with you.

2. Your friends warn you.

Love is a sensation to blindfold all the other truths in life. But your closed ones, your friends, know what is best for you and that you are not happy with him. You should at least pay some attention to what your friends are trying to warn you about. Probably, your lover doesn’t have a good reputation outside and your friends want you to stay alert.

3. He is interested in your money.

You should count all those times when you’ve helped him in financial settlements and he has done none. Technically, he should be the one establishing financial means for stable lifestyle. However, till now, it has always been you helping him out in finances. You should start cutting financial assistance to him and see if he is the same with you.

4. He is using you for favors.

Well, you two are independent adults who should look after for your own self. But he asks from you favors every time whether for work or household. He gets to have all the fun time while you do all the frustrated work.

5. He is unresponsive to your feelings.

He never thinks of the repercussions that may affect you worst. He is only interested in making his own self satisfied. He doesn’t care if his actions can make you feel hurt; all he cares about making himself happy.

6. Gratitude is out of the question.

He doesn’t want you to feel appreciated or loved unless he has something to gain from you. He never shows gratitude for your kindness and devotion to him and your relationship.

7. His moods are inexplicable.

Sometime he is baffling and other times he seems concerned. His reactions are not easy to comprehend. He has so many moods that several times he is not talking, seems the best option.

8. He is secretive.

You don’t know much about him when you’ve told him everything about your life. He keeps details secret but wants you to be open with him.

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