8 Signs Experts Say You Are Actually In Love with Your Boyfriend

According to research, people who believe love can only be expressed in extremes, is totally wrong. Love is an expression of keeping a perfect moderation to sustain it for a long period. When you find a middle ground to express your affection or romantic love for someone then situations like “all or nothing” do not matter anymore. How do you confirm that you are actually in love with your boyfriend depends on the following ways that you have to observe in your relationship:

1. “Psychological experts” weigh in on intensity of love

Well, on one side when experts go with the idea of moderate love, on the other side they also consider possibilities of love being grand and overwhelming. The intensity of love can also be able to tire you. Your extreme and grand expressions of love may manifest in a way that you think of him every single minute of the day. The intensity of love has to be consistent whether grand or moderate.

2. He is the only person with whom you want to spend every second of your life

You want to savor every bit of your time spend together. You don’t worry about the circumstances henceforth, all you know that all the moments you can share with your boyfriend are opportunities to strengthen your emotional connection and you don’t want to take it for granted.

3. Your heart is with him even if you’re not together

Your home is the place where you find comfort and protection and he is the one who makes you feel the same way. Even if you spend time without him but you feel that nothing seems familiar and he is the only one who gives that feeling of familiarity and security.

4. You let your guard down in front of him

You must be fastidious and independent for the outside world but with him you can easily show your weaknesses. You trust him by heart and it doesn’t bother you to be vulnerable at times in front of him. You believe that whenever you are showing signs of weakness, he can handle any storm for you.

5. You are in love with your boyfriend because he makes you feel beautiful

You know better than anyone else the flaws in your personality but he loves you even more for them. He encourages you to embrace your personal flaws. He never belittles you for your imperfections rather his motivation makes you believe that how beautiful you are.

7. He is the passion of your life and you want to know everything

You are now more intrigued in knowing what he likes and dislikes in life because you are obsessed with his life. He makes you feel wonderful and you want to know everything about him, his passion, goals, likes, dislikes, and interests.

8. You think of ways every time to make him feel happy

You want to try every trick to make him feel comfortable and happy. To make little occasions special, you buy him gifts and try to do something to bring a smile on his face.

9. He is the top priority for you

It wasn’t easy for you earlier to compromise on your own needs in order to meet the demands of other people but with him you often let go of your own needs for his good. He is the most important person in your life now.