It may sound weird if we say that your partner shouldn’t be your top priority or your everything but, it’s true they shouldn’t be. Because you should be your everything. You should learn to love yourself first then to someone because if you can’t love yourself then you can’t love anybody. Don’t revolve your world around specific person. Stand independently and do whatever you like. Never give up or change yourself for anybody, because you are important. And prove this a little better we have some more reason for you.

8. Your own interests

Keeping your own interests alive will make your relationship more exciting as there will always be something to talk about between you two and also your own interests reflects your identity and shows who you are so, don’t lose your identity.

7. Having other friends

Don’t ditch your family and friends just because you have found you special someone. These people were there for you even before this someone was a part of your life. They loved you, supported you so, just don’t leave them for a love which just entered.

6. Fulfilling your wishes

Every person has some desires or wishes so never give up them just because of your partner. fulfil them whenever you get the opportunity. No matter if your partner is too busy to accompany you, grab a friend and go ahead. Make yourself a top priority.

5. Worst situations

Sometimes it happens that your relationship ends very badly. Some relationships have to face break ups so at that time if your partner was your top priority or everything then it would be very difficult for you to cope with the situation. You will feel devastated.

4. Self development

When you are not totally dependent on one individual all around, you have space to create yourself. This is something each individual ought to have in their lives. Notwithstanding our relationship status, every last one of us ought to be allowed to seek after our dreams and interests.

3. Empowerment

One individual can’t address every one of your issues. Indeed, even your perfect partner. That puts unlikely desires and strain on a relationship. Some things regard talk about with your partner, and some place you should presumably simply all your mother or your BFF.

2. Staying different

Be different and unique. This will help you to grow in a different person. This will also make your relationship more exciting as you’ll not the same boring person for your partner every day.

1. Mental health

People are not perfect everybody have some and you need to accept that. There will be problems in your relationship and if you’ll make your partner your everything you won’t be able to sustain yourself. So, it is significant for your mental health that you don’t make one person your beginning and end.