8 Reasons You’re Lucky You have A Big Sister In Your Life

People look for examples in their life to look up to when the biggest exemplary personality they already have in their life, the big sister. There are only advantages attached to this relationship if you have one in your life. There might be occasions when you feel that she is controlling you when in reality, she is being just protective of you. She doesn’t want you to commit those mistakes that she has already done in her life and for that she wants to stop you whenever or wherever will be possible.

At many times, you aren’t aware and she takes care of things that you feel troubled about and all you get is a smooth life without bumps. She picks the thorns from your life without bringing to your attention. She has solution for all the problems and no wonder, you feel lucky that she is there in your life like a fiercest protector.

You don’t need any more reasons to believe that having a big sister in life is a blessing but still you can also take a look at the following because after reading them you are going to be emotional and more respectful towards her.

1.Your big sister is your closest friend.

She knows you from inside out before you even get to know about yourself. The amount of time you two spend together is the longest you will ever spend with anyone else.

2. Your big sister understands family pressures.

She has been through all those pressures in her life and now she is there for you to cope up with your family pressures. She is the best advice you can get from anyone. Listen to her!

3. Your big sister is an easy person to tell what inside your heart.

There is no need to hide anything from her because eventually she will get to know everything about you. This is also for your own good because she has an extensive experience to handle things and she can guide you in the best way possible. If you have done something embarrassing even then you don’t need to hide anything from her, she will resolve things for you.

4. Your big sister is your first fashion celebrity.

She allows you to take whatever you want to from her wardrobe and you don’t need to get worried about your clothes problem. She wants you to look good and for her clothes, she will never make fuss out of it.

5. Your big sister is a living example to take guidance, open your mind, and learn new perspectives.

Her valuable opinion will help you to explore opportunities that you could never have imagined if she will not be there.

6. Your big sister’s home is your home too.

You don’t live together anymore but you know that your big sister’s home is your second home and you can crash at her place whenever you need comfort in your life.

7. Your big sister is daring enough to tell the truth in your face.

Seriously, you need it. It saves you from living in deception. Your big sister is never going to lie to you because she wants you to realize that in this world, it is most important to stay real. She will throw cold hard truth at you but for your own good. She wants to give you experience that she didn’t get when it was her time.  She doesn’t want you to suffer the way she did.

8. Your big sister is your biggest support.

She knows your potential and she will push you to achieve what you can do. She will encourage you to go for great lengths to achieve your purpose and goals because she sees great strength and determination in you.

Preview Picture Credit: Shutterstock