8 Mistakes by Men That Will destroy Your Marriage

Marriage is a sacred bond, people take it so lightly. Don’t be one of these people.

Marriage is a divine bond, the greatest of all the relationships a man ever lived in life with all the dull and dreary. It demands sacrifice from both partners. It is essential for both of them to hold on to the sanctity of their relationship but sometimes, men are more culpable of tolerance and destroy their marriage. How?

Caring less or not about insecurities of their woman

Your wife demands just your loyalty and if your fail to give it to her then this is the biggest mistake you make from the start of your relationship. She will connect more to your faithfulness to her than gifts. This is on a man’s part to brush off her insecurities and reassure his love for her whenever possible.

Ignoring small gestures of love and attention

She requires your time and attention the most. If you eradicate all the small gestures of love like; making her breakfast, giving her a day off of household chores, preparing kids for school, or giving her surprise birthday party, just because you think it’s not necessary then she will pull away from the bond.

Closing off your partner in anger will destroy your marriage

Limited communication or cutting off all the ties when you are being angry or bitter makes things worst not in favor. If you have chosen her as your partner then she is your partner in happiness, sadness, resentment, anger, and even in ecstasy.

Pride matters utmost than acceptance of truth

Accepting mistakes and facing truth are two vital factors in any relationship. It builds trust and reassures the responsibility to the other person that you are aware of everything. Accept your deficiencies, do not allow them to rule your life otherwise you will always be in denial.

Never rush to make a long-term commitment

Infatuation is overwhelming and it gives you a feeling to start the marriage relationship immediately but during the first month, you realize that you’ve made the biggest mistake of your life. Save your chance and do not make a long-term commitment until you are 95% sure that your partner will be compatible to you. Wait a little longer than to live in resentment for taking the wrong decision.

Emotionally and physically distant

Holding your bitterness inside and being unresponsive are two important reasons for destruction of marriage. Men switch off easily when something happens that is not approved of them. Keeping communication open even after a fight or disagreement will help to save a relationship from failure.

Being Judgmental always

This is the same person you’ve chosen to start the new chapter of your life and if you are being judgmental at this point then this is your deficiency not hers. You should accept your women with all flaws the way she is accepting you with all your insecurities and your deficiencies. If you have just realized that she does not suit the community in which you move then where was your conscience before when you made her promises of keeping her happy in every situation. Compromise is your key.

Never apologizing or saying “SORRY”

Yes there will be argument, conflict of opinion, and your self-esteem will also come under scrutiny but you have to subdue the matter with calm and prudence, not to hurt her feelings. Apologizing will not make you inferior to your partner.