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These 8 Important Facts About Ears Tells Us About our Health


These 8 Important Facts About Ears Tells Us About our Health

Everybody cleans their ears once in a few days as a regular hygiene. But most of us don’t know that earwax can tell a lot about our health.

Just by the color you can judge, use a Q tip and check the color, we’ll help you to know what it means.

1. Earwax of gray color

The gray earwax has been just normal. Nothing to worry about, it’s just dust so clean your ears, and everything will be okay.

2. Earwax with traces of blood

If you can see blood in your earwax, then you must see a doctor asap. Because your ears might have infected, which can harm your hearing.

3. Earwax of brown color

Brown color means stress and tensions. Earwax of brown color or darker colors show you have been through a tensed time. So, take a break and relax.

4. Earwax of black color

Again, it’s an indication of infection. If it’s not frequent then it’s okay, but if you feel itching and you can’t tolerate it, then higher chances are there for fungal infection. Rush to the doctor.

5. Earwax of white color

White colors tell that you have a deficiency of vitamins and microelements in your body. Especially iron and copper. To switch to a diet which is rich in vitamins and other essentials.

6. Earwax with bad odor

If there is a bad odor originating from your earwax, it can mean an infection inside your center ear. Aside from odor if you feel some kind of disturbance or noise in your ears the visit your ENT doctor.

7. Liquid earwax

Liquid earwax means a start of the inflammation process. Don’t take it lightly and book an appointment with your doctor.

8. Dry earwax

This could be the reason of dermatitis, which causes dryness in your body or there is a possibility of less lean fats in your body causing your earwax to dry.

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