8 Habits Of The Happiest Couples At Bedtime

When we observe our routine, we ignore the fact that we are doing a little to propagating a healthy and happy relationship environment. Not all but many of us are doing this every day. But, there are many other mature couples who understand the need of their relationship, make effort, and spend time together, as much as possible, to develop a strong bond. They establish a routine, some habits, that help them to be known as the happiest couples. Some of those are pre-bedtime habits and rituals that can turn out to be important and can go a really long way in strengthening the love and intimacy for one another.

Couples should understand the fact that the real happiness in their relationship connects with the time they dedicate to each other and realizing the sense of structure and purpose for their relationship.

It takes you few minutes before bedtime to do certain things that will give you peace of mind and happiness in your relationship. We’ll explain them one-by-one:

1.No work related discussions inside the bedroom.

Your bedroom is a place for love and positivity and you should ensure that no negative energy infiltrate the relaxing environment of your personal space. For this purpose, don’t bring your work life stresses and worries inside the bedroom, especially before the bedtime. Pre-bedtime hour should be used to get closer and be more intimate with one another.

2. If possible resolve any lingering conflicts or arguments.

Any unresolved conflict when lingers on develops ill feelings for one another. If you would then try to come to a point to a compromise or meet each other halfway on an issue. The argument might have taken your energy throughout the day but don’t go to bed while the negative feelings still linger on between you and your partner.

3. Put your digital devices on silent mode.

Mobile, tablet, laptop, or TV are all the distractions that make the distance wide between couples. You are required to spend as much time as possible in each other’s company then be on these digital devices.

4. Choose same bed time.

This is one thing that would be difficult for you to synchronize and bring into play. However, if you try to go to bed at the same time then you will feel that there is a certain comfort and intimacy comes between you and your partner. You would get the most comfortable feeling while sleeping next to the person you love most in the world.

5. Compliments as pillow talk.

Though, you have no makeup on; you both are in PJs, your hair looks messy, but still you can bring positive energy into your room and that is with the compliments. You feel special when your partner says that he/she is attracted to you even in the night suit.

6. Go deep with your conversation.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary to harbor positive feelings through deep and intimate conversations. You feel most secure in your room and you can be vulnerable with you partner in this safe space.

7. Emotional intimacy over physical intimacy.

Though, your room has a natural attraction to develop physical intimacy but working towards gaining emotional intimacy can also do wonders. A simple gesture of love in a way of cuddling can be really good for your love.

8. Your bedroom should be no smoking or drinking area.

Any form of nicotine or alcohol right before sleep can disrupt your sleeping patterns. Better lay off the cigarettes and alcohol for a good nigh sleep.

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