8 Acts Of Betrayal Are Much More Hurtful Than Cheating

When you ask people for a thing that they would be afraid of the most in a relationship, often you receive a synonymous answer and that is cheating. Your partner is keeping another romantic relationship while being living with you, makes you feel on the edge of your nerves, at all times. A general opinion supports the fact that cheating is an unforgivable crime in a relationship but, there are other acts of betrayal that many people believe are much more hurtful than cheating.

Cheating, undoubtedly, is a deal-breaker, a painful breach of trust for any couple. However, also imagine a relationship which looks perfect and harmonious apparently, but inside it engulfs white or black lies, ignorance, jealousy and bitterness rather than love and complete trust.

A dysfunctional relationship comes to the point of break-up when it undergoes many unacceptable acts and disrespecting the place of two people in it. Let’s take a look at 8 unforgivable acts of betrayal that bring more damage to people than cheating.

1. Lying becomes routine:

Lying is absence of trust between two people. There should be absolute no hiding when you are in a relationship and from the one who you love more than anyone in the world. Though, sometimes, you have to put up a white lie to help a person in need, but making it a routine takes you closer to betrayal.

You want to make your partner understand your point, be clear and face them head on instead of doing something behind the back that can later become an issue.

2. Being indifferent or lack of affection:

Lack of affection for your partner leaves you nowhere in your relationship, unrelenting it is of you by not letting them know about your true feelings.

You need to find the courage and talk to your partner if you catch yourself feeling indifferent around them.

3. Burning in resentment:

An unaddressed anger acts like a slow poison, doesn’t make you aware at the time that it’s harmful but the worst comes out one day when you’re no longer capable of holding it in. People burn in an agony while keeping resentment for their partner but never confront their emotions.

It is best to vent out and clear things at the right time for the sake of love in your relationship.

4. Meaningful communication:

Just communication is not effective but the timing and the way you choose to communicate with your partner is necessary. The need to react to a situation at the right time, the choice of words, and your gestures, all contribute to the effectiveness of communication between partners.

5. Incessant quarrelling:

Conflicts don’t pose a threat to the unity of partners but bickering does. It badly affects the environment of your relationship. Unsolved arguments, irritating and irrational fighting, may not allow you to have a long-term relationship.

6. Just staying together without a reason:

You don’t feel love and care for each other but still staying together because you fear end up being alone, or you want to avoid questions hurl across from your parents, or out of simple convenience. You’re doing worst deal to yourself and your partner by just staying together without a single reason.

7. You’re being manipulated for so long:

It’s heart wrenching when you become aware that someone has been trying for so long to manipulate every aspect of what you do or believe, in short your whole life.

8. Insecurities:

You can hardly satisfy someone who has a lot of insecurities about your relationship with them. Because they only believe what they think and your opinion doesn’t matter to them. It isn’t even simple to accept that your partner keeps jealousy in their heart.

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