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7 Ways to Know Whether He Really Loves You or Not

Really loves you

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7 Ways to Know Whether He Really Loves You or Not

Men usually don’t express or open up very easily. It might be a little frustrating to judge whether the guy you are in relationship loves you as much as you love him. Men are usually reluctant to tell what they feel because it makes them look weak, so mostly they keep everything to themselves

But you deserve to know. Ask straight forwardly or directly will give an impression of you as needy or desperate and we know you don’t want this to happen so we here with 7 questions you should ask from yourself to figure out.

1. Does he respect you?

Respect, is a very important thing in a relationship. So, ask yourself does he respect you? And if he does, then does he respects you all the time. Respect is not something that is given according to the mood. So, if he is like respectful and caring for now, but acts totally rude and harsh after hours or something, then this relationship might not work.

2. Does his words and actions are same?

To decide whether somebody really adores you, you should simply watch how they treat you. Does he treat you with love when you are alone and ignore you completely when you are in public? Does he say you are important and will do anything for you, but when the time comes he takes the step back? If this the scenario, then you might think.

3. Are you both equal?

When he really loves you, he will consider you equal. He will never degrade you or make fun of your weaknesses. He will consider and value your opinion. But if does not do that and instead tries to order you every time, then he is not the one.

4. Do you trust him?

Trust makes a relationship strong. It is a main ingredient of any relationship. So, the question is can you really trust him with all secrets and insecurities? Do you really believe that he will understand and will not react in a bad way? If you are still confused and don’t know the answer, then you should think why are you even in this relationship.

5. Does he declare his love for you?

Love is no secret. When you love someone, then you let everybody and especially that person know how much you love them. If your man is not reluctant to show his love for you and you just don’t need to beg for his love, then never leave them because he really loves you.

6. Is his life incomplete without you?

Does he see you in his future? Is he scared of losing you? If you are an important part of his life and he can’t imagine living without you or can’t even think any like that. And if thinks that his life is incomplete without you then don’t ever leave him.

7. Can you count on him?

Life is not a smooth journey. Everybody has to face ups and down. If your man stays with you in your worst days and support you, if he is other even before you ask for it then he is the real man. He is truly in love with you and no matter what the situation is you can always count on him.

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