7 Things Your Pee Indicates To Do Right Now

Why general physicians ask you to get a urine test every time you visit? It is the result of this test that is important to analyze the current health condition of your body. This single test indicates the cause of many problems that you could have and need medical attention if needed at the moment. The color of your pee indicates to do certain things right now.

You can save your money on this test, scroll down and learn different colors of urine indicate the good or bad functioning of your body.

1. Orange

The most potential reason of your pee in orange color is the use of anti-inflammatory drugs or laxative intake. Another reason could be for patients who are going through chemotherapy may also see their pee color turned into orange. High quantity of Vitamin B2 in your blood stream could be a viable reason. Don’t be afraid, if your pee color is orange and you have no such conditions as mentioned above, may be you are eating carrots or drinking its juice, lately.

For its remedy, drink plenty of water. Take an observation if your eyes are getting a bit yellowish; see your doctor because in this case there could be a possible liver problem.

2. Reddish pink or pink

If you are eating specific fruits or vegetables in red color then there is a plausible reason that you’ve seen your pee in red color. There is absolutely nothing wrong if you are urinating reddish pink or pink. However, the same condition persists the next day then you can get an appointment of your doctor.

When patients of TB undergo the treatment their pee color turn reddish pink. Daily use of laxatives or Phenazopyridine may also be the reason.

See your doctor as soon as possible when you are sure your problem is not laxative or red foods perhaps your blood might be causing your urine to turn red. It could signal an infection in the urinary tract, kidney stones, or any other serious problem.

3. Green or blue

Green or blue pee doesn’t happen very often. If you are sure that you have not eaten any food dyed of such colors then there might be a problem with your urinary tract. Urgent medical attention is needed. Talk to your doctor.

4. Brown

In a day if the color of your pee changes but it turns back to normal the next day then there should be nothing to worry about. In a process of digestion, food in different colors may affect your pee. It could get to normal after 12-24 hours. However, the change in color stays same for 2 to 3 days then it’s alarming because your body might want you to know about a certain health condition.

In case of brownish pee color, take plenty of water. If there is no change then you might have trouble with your kidneys, liver, or in worst case tumor.

5. Foamy urine

Certainly, this is not a problem, long hours in between washroom break and the speed at which you urinate may cause foamy urine.

6. Colorless

Your pee is indicating to do this right now, start cutting back on your water intake because excessive consumption of water send salts in the body off balance. It’s a signal that your body wants you to know that it is over-hydrated and it could get to normal by taking less water.

7. Dark yellow, transparent yellow and pale yellow

Your body is perfectly healthy and functioning normal with these colors of your pee.