7 Things Men are attracted to in Women but Keep them Secret

Law of attraction is not same for men and women. The criteria of attraction for women would not be same for men. Men don’t share their secret desires or things they are attracted to in women however, we managed to reveal their secret desires, here we go:

1. Curvy figure like an hourglass

A hip to waist ratio where thick hips are significant is an hourglass figure. Women believe that men like zero-size girls but they like curved physical features. A voluptuous figure, small waist, and curvaceous hips are the most sought-after attractions for men.

2. Perfect symmetrical features

Egyptian beauty measures for women were associated to the perfect physical symmetry. It was considered that symmetry in physical features showed a healthy bloodline. Most men are often motivated and perceived symmetrical face as more beautiful. Even though, you don’t have a perfect symmetrical face; you can still look beautiful and you can take help from makeup tutorials.

3. Long to medium length tresses

Long to medium length tresses are perceived as more attractive and a sign of longevity and healthy body. When a study is conducted to get results of different hairstyles by women, a long luscious flow received more votes by men. Don’t spend your money on different hairdos, just keep your tresses healthy and polished and they will attract the man you love.

4. Red

Red of rose, red painted lips, or a red dress, captivates the male gaze when it comes to things that men desire in secret.

Ditch a micro mini dress, choose color red and your man will fall for you head over heels. Even research says that the color red is highly seductive and is a sure trick to grab the attention.

5. Magical fragrance

Whenever you have to buy the perfect smell for yourself, take your man along. Pick the one that he approves of because men are particularly attracted to women when they wear a magical smell. It should be not too sharp that will send him away or not too weak that it can’t be picked up. Make your fragrance your signature fragrance so that he knows that it belongs to you only.

6. Captivating beautiful eyes

Eyes are considered to be the distinguished feature of a woman’s face. It draws attention and plays a huge role to attract man like a hummingbird to sugar.

Enchanted beautiful eyes are appealing and no wonder when they say that eyes are the windows to the soul. Despite various colors, eyes that could express more than words are the most beautiful eyes.

Eyes with curvy slopes and thick dark eyelashes are perceived as more attractive by men.

7. Enunciation

Speeches or when you are addressing to the crowd will only make an effect on the audience only when you know the art of using nuances and apt enunciation through your speech.

It’s not difficult to perceive a pleasant personality over a call when there is a pleasing voice on the other end. Higher, lighter tones induce sexiness and are perceived to be attractive by most men.

Pics Via: Shutterstock