7 Subtle Signs You Don’t Notice And It’s Too Late To Fix Your Relationship

Years of effort to build a relationship and one day you hear him saying that everything is ended would be devastating to experience in life. What went wrong? Everything seems to be normal and suddenly he asked to split ways. Why wouldn’t you see what was coming? This could also happen to you anytime if you don’t notice any of the subtle signs that bring distance in partners. It isn’t an instant decision or a whim for him to just end a mature relationship. It may not dawn on you early but the process was started some time back, so discreetly that things just go unnoticed under your nose. You seem to be blindsided by the normality of the things that you haven’t seen distance increasing gradually between the two of you.

Breakup is as real as a marriage proposal. You shouldn’t doubt his intentions when he says that something has changed between you as a couple. You should pay attention to what he is trying to say or else it would be too late to fix your relationship. Don’t make yourself fool that your relationship is healthy if you are happy, a breakup can happen at any point or stage of your relationship, it’s always best if you are able to anticipate it.

Once you see that the things are not normal, observe the little fissures of tension broke up in your relationship and start working on them as soon as you are sure that they are real problems. You should try to be on top of your relationship and anticipate every possible scenario that could appear in a relationship. Anticipating breakup also helps to endure the pain that is to come. It helps you to emotionally prepare yourself for the heartbreak that awaits you.

You should stay vigilant and be mindful of the things happening around your relationship. Absent-mindedness can lead you to distasteful and a heart-wrenching breakup. You should look out for the subtle signs and be conscious of what he expects from the relationship, you may not want to end up in a breakup situation.

1. He doesn’t show enthusiasm anymore.

You can feel that there is a lot of negative energy and friction between you two. He is always tired and shows lack of enthusiasm with respect to different aspects of your relationship.

2. He stays outside most of the time.

He doesn’t come home after the working hours, instead he stays with his friends and hang out with them throughout the day.

3. He is not interested in having conversations with you.

He avoids having conversations with you. You could see him leaving a conversation in the middle and busying himself somewhere else.

4. He doesn’t care about your personal life.

He would love to ask you endless questions about your life earlier but he seems to be in mute mode now-a-days. He doesn’t make any effort now to know you or your interests.

5. He is not sorry if he does anything wrong.

Wrong or right, he doesn’t care of your emotions and how his actions would make you feel. He is not sorry of his opinions and blunt remarks.

6. He is not sure about his future plans.

You ask him of his future plans and he doesn’t give you clear answers. This could be a big sign that the future is incredibly hazy of your relationship.

7. He doesn’t show care towards you anymore.

Earlier, he lends a helping hand without you even asking for it but now he seems distant from everything. Until or unless, you ask him to do certain things for you he does that, otherwise he doesn’t care whether you feel easy or not.

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