If you are new to the idea of a twin flame relationship, then better begin adapting more about it. A twin flame relationship is the one relationship that you know is ideal for you. The moment you meet that person, you realize that you can possibly be something incredible. It’s like you feel it is it, you have found your soulmate.

So, what do you do when you experience your twin flame?  What would you be able to expect when you get involved with your soulmate? Of course, you want it to be amazing, but just for better understanding you must aware of twin flame stages. So, read on.

1. The initial realization of the existence of a twin flame relationship.

When you initially meet, you can just feel it. You can just feel that you are in the right place with a right person. You get together with your twin flame and it may not be so clear to you immediately, it might even take you a while to deal with the way that the idea of the twin flame exists.  It’s like your heart is giving you clear signs.

2. Time to test your relationship now

Okay, so now all the excitement of a newly involved couple is over. It’s time to accept the reality and get out of your honeymoon period. The issues of the relationship will begin to raise their revolting heads and you, and your partner will be compelled to manage them. And this your real test now.

3. The first major crisis

This is the major setback or an argument that you will have to face as a couple. Things are looking depressing and you don’t realize what to do about it. You realize that you need to fight for your relationship, but you are also afraid to lose it forever.

4. A gap is there between you two

Somehow you have passed your major crisis, but it had affected your relationship. There is a little awkwardness, a gap or distance between you two. It’s been difficult to connect with each other. But, you both eagerly want this relationship to work.

5. The merging of two bodies into one

You have by one means or another discovered your way again into each other’s arms. You have beaten your first major crisis. You are back to where you used to be, and you are becoming significantly stronger and more powerful as a couple.

6. Your Twin Flame is renewed

Everything is back in place. You can feel all that emotion which you used to feel initially. That spark, and energy are back. And you both know that this is what you actually wished for.

7. Forever

And now you are together for always. You have faced everything and you both are now as a single unit. Nothing can separate you, except death.