7 Signs You’re Really Falling In Love

It feels as though the person never leaves your imagination, you can feel the presence everywhere completely mesmerizing your senses. Actually, you can’t put away that person from your head, you are daydreaming every minute with that person, and you’re really falling in love.

You focus more on the positive traits of your beloved, while overlooking all the negatives. Your mood swings from exhilaration to anxiety, increased energy to accelerated breathing, sleeplessness to panic, loss of appetite to despair, all the feelings elevate when people fall in love.

At one side, people go through emotional and physiological instability, and on the other hand they also exhibit emotional dependency on their relationship. Possessiveness, jealousy, fear of rejection, and separation anxiety are high in a similar way a person is addicted to drugs.

Love sparks power of empathy for your beloved. You can feel pain when they are in pain, and you are willingly ready to sacrifice anything for someone special. A few other signs below also guarantee that you’re really falling in love:

1. They are your top priority.

This person has taken special place in your heart and life. You will leave everything on their one call and run towards your beloved. They get a hold on your time, attention, feelings, and devotion.

2. They have power to turn your mood with one smile.

No matter how low you are feeling, your beloved’s smile turns your mood and makes you feel the blessed person on earth.

3. They are close to your friends and family.

Surprisingly, your family and friends approve of this someone special in your life. Your family members give you full support and confidence on making this person a part of your life.

4. They run like adrenaline in your veins.

You are obsessed with them and don’t want to leave them even in your thoughts. You want them to stay close every second of an hour. It makes you restless when they don’t message or call you for a few hours.

5. They are your prime commitment and you’re protective of them.

Your attachment with your relationship is deep and any external threat to it will spark the feelings of jealousy. It is normal and you are being protective of them is expected from a person who is falling in love.

6. There should be clear feelings of love and likeness.

Love and likeness are two separate things and it is important to understand the difference between the two.

Love VS like is:

  • Love makes you responsible and mature enough that you don’t feel embarrassed owning something that you have not done but is being done wrong by your beloved. In likeness, misunderstandings are likely to develop between couples.
  • Feelings are strong enough to settle disagreements when you are in love. When you like someone, you just feel general care.
  • Your love allows you to live without hiding your quirks. Liking for someone doesn’t make you comfortable enough to live in your own skin; you feel reserved.

7. They turn you into a best person.

When you are in love, you feel content in all aspects of life. You feel confident when making choices in your professional or personal capacity. Being with this person ensures that you will never be alone, there will always be someone supporting your back. They help you to accept vulnerabilities and make them your strength.

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