7 Signs Your Soul Mate and You Are a Perfect Match

A relationship sustains all the hardships of life when a man finds 7 signs in his soul mate for a perfect match. In the beginning, a man finds good hearted woman and thinks he can live his whole life with that woman. They spend a few years in love but then something nudges them and they realize that they aren’t suitable for each other. This is how their relationship ends.

In the incipient days of a relationship, men cannot discern clearly whether qualities in their woman would be befitting to their relationship or not as they lack knowledge about who the “right woman” may be.

In Rafael Padilla’s words, a woman can be cheated on, lied to, taken advantage of but she is the one they will get back to as she lights up the sky and rises like a phoenix after betrayal.

A vast majority of men agree to this notion that good women are resilient, beautiful, and desirable. From a man’s perspective, these traits present in most of the women but not all of them.

Not every time a good woman is the right woman. People don’t settle into their relationship because relationships are complex than we can think of. This brings to us on the topic under discussion to find a right woman who will become the right match for you.  

1. Instant connection or emotional and intellectual attraction

“An instant connection or attraction felt” is the memory when you ask many happy couples on their first meeting. For others emotional and intellectual connection is more important to live together. The right woman for many men should have humor, confidence, charm, strength as all of these qualities might outshine physical appearance.

2. Thought patterns are similar

A relationship is meant to be strong when partners have same thought patterns. When you are in a discussion with your woman, she often completes your sentences that mean she is thinking the same way as you do.

Soul Mate

3. Affection and love overcomes imperfections

If you are living with the same person for many years and her imperfections never decrease your affection and love for her than she is the right woman of your life. The passion you live within your relationship will outdo all the imperfections in your woman. If this is what you feel for her than man your life is beautiful with the right woman by your side.

4. Her sense of humor lights up your mood

For a great chemistry between partners, it is necessary they share all the hard and light moments together; when one feels down, other lights up the mood with wit or jest. Mostly, men possess astute sense of humor but if your woman makes you laugh quite often than no doubt she can pull you out from dark to light.

5.She believes in giving respect is a sign your soul mate and you are a perfect match

In a relationship, partners should need to feel respectful in their matters. Above morality or giving respect in a professional relationship, partners should try not to hurt each other. Their love and adoration should be so intense that they will not think of hurting each other in any moment.

6. She is the reason your priorities changed

If she is the reason you have found meaning in your life then you probably have the right match of your life. A right woman touches the deepest wells of your heart and changes your life completely. How bad your deeds would have been? She will manage to fill your life with positivity.

7. You both take mutual decisions

People with different backgrounds may have different goals or ambitions in life but when they love each other their priorities change according to each other’s convenience. They make out ways to live up to their ambitions alongside with their relationship. They mutually agreed upon decisions that would end up in their comfort and growing love.

Do these signs you find in your woman? If yes then you have a true match.