The Right time? Yes, The Right time, timing in a relationship is very important. You just can’t rush into something just because you have been living for a long time together or just because all your friends are married or engaged. Focus on your relationship, see are you actually ready for this commitment. Things that are done at the wrong time can be a total disaster. But when is the right time, how do you know, it is it?

We have some signs which you can notice and figure out that it’s the right time.

1. You accept your partner with all their flaws.

You know your relationship is not perfect, it has flaws. There are fights and arguments. You also know your partner has flaws and sometimes you also get annoyed by it, but still you accept them and love your partner even more. These flaws don’t matter in anymore.

2. You are changed person now and you love it.

You have changed a lot since you have gotten together, and you love the new version of you. If you feel that by staying together, you both change into something better and you complement each other then it’s the sure thing that it’s the right time.

3. You and your partner have already discussed your nonnegotiable boundaries and expectations in the relationship.

You definitely know each other’s major issues. You definitely know each other’s limits. You have talked about the greater part of the desires that you have for each other and for the relationship. You are both totally open to each other about your needs and that places you in a decent place as a couple.

4. You see each other in your future as a married couple

If you see each other in your future together and you feel that you both want to live together forever then, engagement is not a bad idea.

5. You are grateful to have each other.

You are profoundly content with the condition of your relationship and you can’t envision carrying on with your life in some other way. Indeed, you wouldn’t need it to be some other way. You can’t imagine that you could be more joyful with any other person.

6. You don’t have any relationship deficiencies as far as respect, trust, and communication are concerned.

You trust each other, you respect each other a lot. No matter how much you fight or how many ups and downs are there in your relationship you still believe in each other. And that’s the best thing about your relationship.

7. The time is totally right.

It’s all set, timing is simply perfect and if you feel the same then go for it. You are ready to get engaged.