7 Signs You are Not Attracted to Him but Imposing Love to Yourself

Imposing love to yourself sounds a little weird or stupid. Why would someone force love on themselves when they are not attracted to the person they are in relationship with. Love is always mutual, isn’t it? Sometimes it’s not and it happens that you start imposing love on yourself. And it happens due to many reasons. If you are also feeling a little off in your relationship, then these reasons might help you to understand.

1. You always hope that he will break up with you

When you are imposing love on yourself it doesn’t mean that you are having a terrible time, or you are in a miserable state. It’s just you want to or feel like your other half will finish up things soon and you feel like it will not affect you much. And it is not normal when you truly love someone.

imposing love

2. You doubt if happy couples exist

People might think you both are very happy together and you are the best couple. But you feel something is missing and you doubt if happy relationships or couple exists or not? They do exist, but if you are forcing yourself to love, you won’t ever recognize them.

3. Your emotions are uncharacteristically high

You feel frustrated most of the time. You cry in abnormal amounts and there are thousands of moods switch. You don’t know what’s happening and you can’t even control it. Even your partner can’t calm you down or cheer you up. And it’s all because you are imposing yourself to do something which is not right.

4. You hate hurting someone so much that you avoid it even when it hurts you

You know your partner loves you sincerely and if you don’t feel right then it’s not their fault. So, you don’t want to hurt them even it means to get hurt yourself in the long term.

5. You don’t want to reject anymore

If you have broken up several times and your significant other has returned and has begged you, to get back together and you have rejected them because you feel right about the decision you took, so now you don’t want to reject another person who truly loves you.

6. You are desperate

You are desperate to be in a relationship. You just want someone to love you, even if it’s not right. Remember, desperation always results in a bad decision so be in a relationship when you feel you are in the right place and you feel happy from inside.

7. He’s a great guy but…

No matter if he is a great guy, there are thousand of good people in this life but you can’t have a relationship with everyone. If you don’t feel he is the right one for you then don’t force yourself and free yourself from this relationship because you deserve better.