7 Reasons Why It’s Not Easy To End A Toxic Relationship

It happens to a lot of people, both female and male, those who are trying hard to end their toxic relationship but can’t and sometimes don’t want to because they are desperately in love with their partner. They fear society and their questions. Most of all, they fear their own self and it haunts them if they will survive without this person who has been the love of their life or it’s best to carry on as it is. Many feel ashamed, if they have become the reason to end a relationship, people will remember their decision and then no one would come again in their life.

There are wounded souls around and they would agree that it’s not a joke to walk away from a relationship even if it is a toxic one. There will be an explanation in doing so yet we believe that you must not forget your duty towards your soul that if you keep going on with a toxic person you will deteriorate your own self.

People have shared their reasons for why it’s not easy to end a toxic relationship.

1. Living with them becomes a habit.

Habits are not easy to break and for some an impossible thing to accomplish.

2. You think there is hope.

You hope, table will turn to your side and all odds will be in your favor one day. But remember, a toxic person is downright egocentric. If you think they are doing any good to you then you should think at it again because they have their own interest in the end.

3. Love blindfolds every emotion.

All evidence against the toxic person seems false because your heart overruled every allegation on your beloved. Your love is manifesting in every emotion and rejecting every bad vibe for your beloved.

4. You are trying hard to change them and leaving them at this stage will benefit someone else.

You know this person is toxic for your life and you put every effort to change their toxic behavior. At this stage, after so much hard work you have put into, if you leave them then there are chances that someone else will benefit from the fruits of your hard labor. Is it really worth it? You are sure that you don’t want to regret your decision in the future when you think you could have changed your destiny had you not rejected the option of ending your relationship.

5. Once there was deep attachment.

You were being loved and appreciated by this toxic person and the memories are engraved deep in your mind that you don’t want to think about walking away from your relationship. Many would agree what you believe in but you should also think that the same person who is inflicting pain was only putting on an act earlier and the true version is now unveiled in front of you.

6. You fear loneliness.

It would rather be in your good interest to live alone than to endure a toxic relationship. You don’t deserve this horrible individual and your fear of loneliness will dissipate soon once you look for other opportunities lie ahead.

7. You are too naïve and fall for their ploy.

They sense your intentions and at the very moment they make you feel that they are still your dream love. Actually, they don’t want everything too easy for you and so they give you just enough of what you want and start acting like your shining armor.

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