7 Reasons People Keep Falling For The Wrong Men Over And Over Again

There is nothing to hide about when it comes to tell for your romantic partner and who you should think will complement you. Everyone dreams of their type for a prospective relationship partner and look around within the set criteria. Some of us, from an early age, are clear on the preferences and kind of personalities one should have to be attracted to. When you think of a person who keeps falling for the wrong man, you need to think of their perspective and things that they are attracted to. Though, you feel that they should stop to do the same mistake and think about their options again, yet you find them with another wrong man.

While some look to the physical attributes, others believe that personality traits like compassion, intelligence, generosity, and patience would make a man a perfect partner for life. Well, you don’t seem to change a person easily unless you have some exceptional convincing tricks.

You wonder why some people type is just downright bad and toxic. Why can’t they stop falling for the men who are only going to end up hurting them?

Probably, they don’t weigh in options when are falling for a man and later that man would turn out what they could never have thought of. Their reasons could be different, these are some what we think would be the matter with the people who keep falling for the wrong man over and over again:

1.Your life is not excited enough and you tend to fall for some drama.

Boredom gives you negative thoughts and you think of some drama in your life to keep your emotions under control. You fall for someone who brings only unnecessary stress in your life and you think that your life is super excited. You are giving yourself just an emotional trauma and later when you will get bored of this drama then you will realize the worst affects you’ve had in keeping this relationship.

2. You think it feels alright to feel needed by someone else.

Well, it’s not. A person who is not capable of taking care of their own will not give you happiness at all. This feeling to be needed is temporary and when you pass over this desire and come to reality then you’ll notice how crazy you have been while keeping a relationship with that person.

3. You don’t oblige your feelings and emotions.

By this time and age, you ended up falling for people who have never given relevance to your feelings and emotions. You should give rise to your feelings and emotions. You find people unjust to you because you don’t validate what you feel inside and they take you for granted.

4. You jump to a new relationship quick and don’t learn from your mistakes.

It is not a good idea to jump to a new relationship right after a breakup. You don’t grow if you don’t reflect upon the mistakes and learn from them. Your failed romances leave you with signs to not repeat and you should give pay heed.

5. You deserve a better person, don’t go for low standards.

For the sake of being in a relationship, don’t fall for the person who doesn’t deserve you because you are an amazing human being with exceptional qualities. Wait a little and you will get a real and caring romantic partner.

6. You are up for a challenge to change a person.

You think that love can change a person but it’s not true every time. Your life is not an experiment lab where you bring test slides to run for the improvements. Don’t bring trauma in your life when you can find someone who is already well-put together.

7. You live for commitment and don’t give up easily.

This is the biggest reason in your life that even you get to know that a person is wrong but you still stick by that relationship because you are committed and you don’t want to give up easily.

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