7 Possible Hidden Insecurities Your Man May Have

Flaws manifest in one’s personality are sometimes so complex that people find ways to drag attention away from their own to someone else’s just to save their own self. Societal norms for men are unjust when it comes to recognize their insecurities and showing their emotions. Men are expected to stand strong and resolute whether or not they have imperfections. Due to this defined line for men, they are rarely open about their emotions in their relationship. But one thing which is important for you is to understand hidden insecurities of your man and don’t push him too hard that he becomes insensitive at the end.

They struggle not to public their apprehensions and being their female partner you can help your spouse to develop a sense of realization that nobody is going to make them responsible because you will support their back whenever or wherever they feel vulnerable.

There could be possible 7 hidden insecurities that your man may have, learn and help him for the sake of your relationship:

1. Financial insecurity


Most men don’t discuss their financial matters openly because a less acceptable financial status will make them feel embarrassed. They take pressure of the society but seldom speak about it.

There is a preset theory for a successful relationship in which man is responsible to earn the bread for the family. Though, true but not entirely, this theory does not support every situation. Now, woman asks for equality status so they should also contribute for the nourishment of the family when needed. In the struggling period of a relationship, women may also combine their efforts with men to bring the financial stability.

2. Physical appearance


Men and women, both are the victims when the topic of physical appearance is discussed. People assume that a man will get a beautiful bride when he is well-groomed and physically fit, same goes for women. In order to outshine from the other, they do whatever it takes to get a well-defined physical shape that will impress the opposite gender and will bring praise for them and a beautiful bride.

3. Dwindling hairline


Men are conscious about their hair then even women. Genetically falling of hair affects more to men than women therefore, to delay this process and have thick hair all year around, men try many things not to lose much of their hair. A dwindling hairline will make them unattractive and women will not be interested in them for a potential relationship. 

4. Relationship insecurity


Men are always on the edge when their girlfriend or wife praises another man in front of them. They always want to know that they are enough for their wife or children and if she is talking about someone else then there is already something cooking and he doesn’t want it to be a success.

5. Emotional insecurity


Another societal norm for men could be one of the major hidden insecurities of your man. The reason he is not displaying much of his expression may be because he doesn’t want others to see him that he can cry. Sometimes the feeling turns into anger when they bottle up long time and take it out surprisingly on a person they loved the most.

6. Low self-esteem


Low self-esteem is an insecurity that has a widespread effect on the people that are close to him. Various factors when add up can turn into a huge thing for a man and can crush their ability to even appreciate what they have at that moment. They start to think that people are questioning their credibility as a man let alone as a human. Low self esteem takes its root when less important things like being poor, chubby, short height, and less successful than their best friend, become significant in their life than the things that are present.

7. Intellectual insecurity


Men to avoid not being smarter than women give wrong piece of advice rather than admitting they don’t know about that particular thing. It’s more like a stereotype for men that they know or should know something about everything. They don’t want others to believe that they are rather inadequate in certain topics and in their haste to impress others they constantly struggle to stay ahead.

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