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7 Common Mistakes Make Women Less Interested In Men And Their Relationships

make women less interested

Love and Relationship

7 Common Mistakes Make Women Less Interested In Men And Their Relationships

Women like strong but not stubborn men who will take significant amount of time to see their errors. Words and actions leave a major impact on the person you are in love with and especially when you not sensitive to their emotions. You should try to look into your ways of treating your woman because it’s highly likely that you are doing some mistakes that make your woman less interested in you and your romantic relationship.

You take pride in a few romantic experiences up on your sleeve but you don’t realize that your habits are not pleasing enough to women to trust you completely. You need to grow and present as a man who knows the needs and feelings of a woman. You are required to show that you are capable of taking care of a woman and not someone who takes his partner for granted. You have to make sure that your intention behind your words and actions is pure and nothing is false or pretense to make a woman feel good to gain your own interest.

You’re unknowingly driving her away because you do something that hurts her and your absent-mindedness will take away a great girl from you. You disregard her feelings when you are required to give attention to detail with regard to her and your relationship. Your insensitivity will put you under great risk of losing a chance to live a great love with a great girl.

You should stay vigilant of how she feels because she might not be telling you that there are things in particular that are bothering her, and you’re completely clueless of those. Take help from this article and give attention to small details that are relevant to her.

1. She loses her sense of confidence and self-worth because you are not interested listening to her.

You show indifferent and unenthusiastic attitude when talking to her. Eventually, she doesn’t feel the need to share anymore of her life details.

2. She would be less interested in a guy who would walk away and abandon his woman in the middle of crowd when she needs you at her side.

You are giving the public a chance to talk about your relationship status and she would not take it lightly.

3. She is battling with her insecurities and you don’t give validation to how she feels.

She would rather stay alone and battle with her insecurities and fears than be waiting for you to support her.

4. You friends are closer than her.

She can prove this when your friends can have you with them on one call but she has to try harder to get on your schedule. She can clearly see your priorities and she is not on top.

5. She gets frustrated when you act like being a man you are the only one who can fix her problems.

She only wants you to empathize with her and she doesn’t need fixing when she tells you her anger and frustrations about a situation.

6. She wants to trust a person who remains honest and respectful when truth is bitter and cold.

Women run away from those men who are not honest and ultimately disrespectful to their women. You can’t expect her to make peace when she finds out about your black or white lies.

7. You lose your mind completely when you are high on alcohol.

Your alcohol intake is affecting her and this relationship. She might not tell you this in your face but your habit to be getting drunk all the time is bothering her big time.

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