7 Interesting Features Of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 That You Never Know

SAMSUNG has continued its tradition and yet once again captured the market by one of its outclassing smartphone – SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 4. As SAMSUNG has always came up in the market with the technologies that have totally changed our world in better way.

This 5.7-inch smartphone doesn’t only came with the new amazing features but also diverting its customers by its entirely new colors including Blossom Pink, Frosted white, Bronze Gold, and Charcoal black. Moreover, this smartphone is captures the best outdoor shots with its 16-megapixel smart camera along with optical image stabilization. Other features include its battery takes less time to be charged along with its easy to use stylus. Besides all these features, this extraordinary phone does have the 7 amazing features that will blow your mind, so let’s dive in:

  1. A New Display Of Caller Information

A New Display of Caller Information

Note 4 enable you to look for the history messages or calls or any other info related to the person whom you are about to take on call. Whether you have received the call or you by yourself have made the call or even during the call you can have all the information related to the caller.

  1. HRM Sensor for Selfie

HRM Sensor for Selfie

If you love to take selfies then this feature has especially designed to amuse you, because this feature enables you to take selfies by using HRM sensor that is on the back of the phone.

  1. Link Preview

Link Preview

Link preview yet another feature, that up till know surely you would not have heard about. What actually this phone does it to preview the link (URL)-by using the stylus- that you have received on the text message.

  1. Sharing Wi-Fi

Sharing Wi-Fi

An entirely new feature has been introduced by the SAMSUNG that is Wi-Fi sharing with other phone that is already connected with Wi-Fi , without entering the password of the Wi-Fi.

  1. One Hand Operation

 One Hand Operation

Your phone can be set on the one hand operation so that you can use it efficiently with a hand, by enabling this mode screen size is being reduced in an adjusted size so that you can use phone easily.

  1. Meeting Mode and the Voice Recorder

Meeting Mode and the Voice Recorder

By enabling the meeting mode, while recording on Note 4 can detect the direction of the voices that are coming to phone.  And while playing the audio it indicates from he has got what type of sound.

  1. An Automatic Exposure Focus Adjustment

An Automatic Exposure Focus Adjustment

Lastly, this great smartphone automatically adjust the exposure and focus, what you have to do is to long press on the camera button and it start focusing the Exposure and adjust is automatically. Amazing this is this feature is only first time introduced equipped by the Note 4.

In a nut shell, SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 4, is a great phone to use that has all the features which you are not going to find anywhere in other phones by the date.

Image Source: samsungtomorrow.com