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7 Desires You Would Want To have In Your Boyfriend To Marry Him

want to have in your boyfriend

Love and Relationship

7 Desires You Would Want To have In Your Boyfriend To Marry Him

Among myriad of desires, love is the only thing we want the most in life and to finding it in a person with whom we can grow old with.

You wish to feel secure in a relationship and you find it in the embrace of the person you are in love with, this certainty of contentment can be the sign that you’ve found the perfect guy in your life. There is always be equal parts of exhilaration and nervousness when you fall in love with someone but when you are certain that you are just as safe as you would be within the confines of your own home then nothing could be possibly perfect than this situation.

A genuine love wipes away all the doubts if you would have absolutely no problems to spend the rest of your live with the person you are in love with. However, one thing still stays in doubt whether the guy you’re with could be more than just some man you’re dating or the opposite.

Marriage is a solid commitment between two persons who are willing to protect and love each other for the rest of their life. If 7 desires you would want to have in your boyfriend are present in him then you should go for this big step in your life. Do read the following points till the end of this list to be sure of your decision.

1. He backs you up in your bad days just like he does in good days.

Though, you should find balance in your personal behavior every single day but sometimes you can get overwhelmed. You could see him managing with you even in your bad days and this wouldn’t have any effect in his love for you.

2. He makes it his life goal to put a smile on your face daily.

He would ask you only one thing to do every day and that is to keep your smile on your face. For this, he makes sure that none of his acts or words would take that away from you.

3. He is the one you would want to share with when you had a really bad day.

One person who would come to your mind after having a really bad day of your life is the one you are in love with in real. You are sure that he will listen to you and will pick you up when you feel down in the dumps.

4. He finds you more attractive every single day since your first date.

Attraction stops growing after certain duration because two people in a relationship stop putting in the work for each other. But you could feel that your man is more attracted to you and you are to him with each passing day.

5. He doesn’t hold back his emotions to express.

He is in love with you and his expressions of love and affection are proof that he is willing to do anything for you in his might.

6. He is always honest because he knows the importance of trust in a relationship.

Honesty and truth bind two people together in a relationship. Sometimes, people hide details from their partner not to get into trouble but he believes that keeping everything open to your partner would win your partner’s trust.

7. He is comfortable with your individuality.

He finds you authentic in your real self and he asks you to stay like this for the rest of your life. He admires individuality of a person and encourages you to stay same like this forever.

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