7 clingy things that you think make her the perfect girlfriend

People get irritated when their girlfriend show clingy attitude. Your girlfriend checks up on you every half an hour, she talks to your secretary for your meetings, she is obsessed about cleaning of your things, she wants you to reciprocate in the same way she loves you, and she makes sure that she is included in all of your activities. Guys feel that their life is on a leash and every time their girlfriend does any of these things, they feel the rope tightens around their neck. But, there are many guys that love their girlfriend even more when they see her doing clingy things and for them whatever she does make her the perfect girlfriend.

When asked about the clingy attitude their girlfriend does, the following men have described this constant attention as a dream come true for them. Let’s read opinions of many guys who enjoy being the center of attention of their girlfriend.

Stefan, 28

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Stefan wants to do everything for her because she spends most of her time with him and he is least irritated with her habit. As described by him, his girlfriend just asks one thing from him as that is the same amount of love that she showers on him. She does not say it often but he knows that deep down she wants the similar intensity as she feels for him. For him the most annoyed time is when he can’t reciprocate in the same way as she is putting her efforts.

Daniel, 25

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Her sharing of future plans does not overwhelm you as to other guys and you feel your love increases for her. Her plans and activities in life are all about you in it and she wants to be with you around all the time. You know that she has good intentions to be an active part of your life and she can’t live with you on sidelines of your life. She thinks you as an equal part of hers and she will always keep you by her side.

Paul, 27

She talks about future and plans things beforetime and that’s what makes her perfect girlfriend. She is confident that she wants to spend the rest of her life with you and she makes it prominent in your life in a way she is investing in the relationship. She wants to map out future because she already has an idea that you are the one who is going to spend eternity with her.

Cameron, 29

Her constant texts will make anyone believe that she is a psychotic girlfriend who is obsessed with you. But it also drives you nuts when she doesn’t text. She doesn’t want to waste any time in thinking of other potential candidates out there. She only thinks about you and wants to stay committed to you and to the relationship.

Jack, 22

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Her nature of being concerned about you and then using communication mediums to reach you makes you feel proud of her. You can understand her state of being worried about you and this clingy attitude doesn’t bother you a bit because she wants to be in touch with you every time.

Max, 24

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She wants to close all the gaps and that’s why she inquired a lot about your family, friends, colleagues, past affairs, or even your fitness plans. As she wishes you to know every detail of her life the same way she desires that she should also be aware of everything in your life.

Ronald, 26

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Friends sometimes make you feel dubious about the way she has this protective behavior of hers for you but you know very well that she is investing her time, emotions, and energies to foster this relationship and she will not allow anyone to mess around with her man.

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