7 daily activities can bring significant damage to your spine

Everyone of us is doing certain daily activities without even realizing the damage and significance on our spine. We get to know about it when a muscle stretches painfully or spasm occurs due to lifting of heavy object. While pulling or pushing weight, doing bending work for long time, sitting at desks on work for hours, the spine gets affected and can endure damage.

Spine is a foundation of human skeleton and any harm to this will bring adverse effects on the working of all the organs of the body.

1. Strain on spine while lifting heavy objects


Lifting heavy objects and holding these close to our mid-section can cause unbelievable strain on the back. In a similar way, we don’t think much to grab something heavy from the top shelf or the top closet; in haste of completing the task we stretch the spine to help us reach that high. Once the thing comes in our grasp, the stretched spine and discs all snap back together in place.

If this situation is repeated every single day, this sudden release of spinal discs from a stretched to normal position can be nasty. Avoid this damage to your spine and stand at a point where the weight is almost at the same height as your chest; use a ladder or chair.

2. Carrying a backpack on one shoulder


A heavy backpack is carrying on the same shoulder every day can mess up the spine. Adults use backpack as it can hold a lot of stuff as compared to laptop bags or purses. But, if you have to use backpack on a daily basis then fasten both straps around your back instead of carrying it on only one shoulder. There is a reason it has two straps, an equal distribution of weight helps put less burden on one side of the spine. Don’t carry stuff that you don’t use every day, get rid of extra weight and carry as minimum as you possibly can.

3. Lacing shoes without sitting properly


Lacing shoes in a standing position can cause unwanted strain on the spine. The ideal position to tie shoe laces is to sit down close to the floor and then tie your laces.

4. Mopping the floor


Mopping the floor may not be a part of your routine but doing it twice in a week with a small and inappropriate mopping handle may cause damage to your spine. Buy a mop with long handle so you have to bend less, and keep your back straight while you mop the floor. The way you are doing mopping is also imperative. It should not be long sweeps rather do in a small circular motions with your shoulders squared.

5. Carrying grocery bags all at once


Grocery is your daily chore and almost happening in every second household. This menial task may not get your attention and its effects on your spine but carrying grocery bags all at once may bring bad effects on the health of your spine. When you are pulling grocery bags upward, make sure the weight feels equal in both hands.

6. Changing a flat tire


Never change your car wheel while standing and bending over your back. You should sit down on one knee in a way that your eyes are on the same level as the car’s fender whereas your back is straight.

7. Doing the dishes continuously for long time


When it’s your partner’s turn to do dishes of the day, nothing makes you happier than that moment. It’s a relentless task and takes a lot of your energy and put strain on your shoulders.  Whilst standing and doing dishes for long time, you may endure pain on your intervertebral discs of the thoracic section and hunched shoulders lay pressure on the spine.

Preview Image Credit: Shutterstock