You believe that all the love that you’ve given to a person will come back to you one day when someone doesn’t love you in return. You wait for the moment, the possibility to get lucky enough to be loved in the same way as you do. You wait for the calls to be answered back, messages to be replied, or the comments you leave on the social media account to be noticed by someone special. You torture yourself to the point where you expect the most from that person and they don’t reach out to you rather all you get is indifference.

You make it painful for yourself when you are battling with your emotions. Feelings that are unrequited and the war you bring on yourself is destroying you from indie out. You are losing control and you are being helpless at the hands of someone who is even indifferent to your existence in their life. You are standing at a point where everything has been taken from you but nothing has given back to you to acknowledge your love and sincerity to the relationship.

The helplessness is harrowing, questioning your self-worth, wondering what you’ve done wrong or have said, or overthinking that you are not worthy of love and not to be wanted by someone, is destroying your life, personality, other relations, and most importantly your ability to stay connected with the purpose of life. You can’t compel a person to love you or force yourself over someone who is never bothered to look at your intentions and efforts. That person has come to an ultimate decision, your feelings aren’t enough for them, and you have to realize that they are not going to fall for you.

You are trying to conjure an image in which you are nowhere, snap out of it and come back to reality. You need to come to real terms with the situation on hand and get over this unrequited love before you lose everything out of your control and might.

1. You have been overthinking this situation with fantasies to please yourself, now is the time to face the harsh realities of the situation.

Don’t deny what is real, false hopes will destroy your intuition and the ability to seeing things as they are.

2. You don’t have to deny sadness and behave like something has never been happened to you, let it flow through you.

Let yourself mourn in sadness till you overcome all of it and feel liberated.

3. Your work life can be the biggest distraction and can make you thinking productive.

You had a life out of this one-sided love and you need to get back to that. Don’t skip your professional days because the time you spend at work will make you thinking to others ways that are beneficial for your life. Don’t quit your hobbies, if you don’t have previously then try looking for one now.

4. You can only find emotional support with your family and friends.

All the comfort and relief you are looking for is at your friends and family’s home. Don’t shy from being vulnerable and weak in front of them, they will give you all the emotional support you need now.

5. Life has much more to offer, a new perspective, a new reason to be happy, and be thankful of what you have and will receive in the future.

You can’t find someone who you’ve loved and wanted for yourself but that doesn’t end everything, life has much more to offer to be thankful for.

6. Vent your anger out.

Resume gym and take your anger out through aggressive workout or punching bags. The more you bottle up inside the more you are prone to attracting negative energy.

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