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In 6 Ways You Can stop feeling insecure in your relationship

stop feeling insecure in your relationship

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In 6 Ways You Can stop feeling insecure in your relationship

A relationship is like a spool of thread, the more it is tangled the more are the chances that it breaks soon. Insecurities suck positivity and create a mesh in your mind which is tough to uncoil easily. A wise person always looks at the big picture instead of over thinking about little meaningless things therefore you need to stop feeling insecure in your relationship for the peace of your mind and life.

This article will give you an insight on the basis of insecurities and how to deal with them:

1. Don’t dream of “Perfect Relationships”

In real world nobody is perfect but the consequences of your decisions are very real. A “perfect relationship” could only be possible in the movies, in reality no matter how much two people love each other they accept flaws of each other too. Life is not a fantasy world, the sooner you realize this the better you feel in your relationship.

2. Stop assuming things on your own

Presumptions are harmful for your relationship. It grows seed of insecurities and let your mind wander in negativity. Sometimes, silence of your partner makes you think many things that later becomes dangerous for the survival of your relationship. Human mind has an uncanny mechanism of thought process, where it allows you to take control of your thinking it also makes you wander through the field of the negatives. Don’t cloud your mind with presumptions and talk to your partner of the current situation to make everything clear on both sides.

3. Overcome your past to stop feeling insecure in your relationship

Insecurities from past experiences don’t let you trust another person again. No matter how many times you have been cheated on it will be unfair to anyone new in your life if you keep rejecting people, their love, trust, and sincere affection for you. Let yourself free from past and look ahead, a bright future is waiting for you.

4. Stop creating issues

People even think that if everything is going good and smooth then there is something bad going to hit soon. Some people create issues without any reasons just because they are pessimistic and living being a negative person. Let yourself live with the flow of time and fate, stop overdoing and over thinking things. Don’t tangle yourself into baseless arguments and fights which will make you feel guilty in the end. Enjoy every bit of time with your partner. Don’t live in agony of negativity.

5. Don’t let society control your life

Most of the insecurities are born when you listen to people who love to talk about other people and their life. You know better about your partner not other people. So don’t let hearsay affect your relationship, listen from one ear and out from the other should be your life mantra. You have an equal right on the happiness of life and don’t let that ruin by considering comments from people.

6. Insecurities feed on negative thoughts

All the negative thoughts circling in your mind give birth to insecurities. You can change the way you think about life and people around you. Give them chance and your loved ones will fill your life with positive light and love. Remove negative thoughts, be kind and you will witness a great change in your lifestyle. People will love you and will want to spend time with you.

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