6 Warning Signs Show That You’re Mentally And Emotionally Exhausted

Physical and mental wellbeing is important to keep your relations happy. You may experience lot of madness and unpredictability outside of your relationships and that could have effects on your personal life too. Once you come to terms with reality and take life seriously in your own hands, you finally see consistent highs and lows coming at every turn like a rollercoaster ride.

Life is not just smooth and soft like sand; there are rocks that can throw you off track when you are feeling entirely confident. When you are independent, you want to lead all the matters of life and sometimes you forget to keep it cool because you are going through a lot.

At that time, you have to take a step back and let others take the lead to remain mentally and emotionally sane. Well, if you don’t then tiredness will drain you to the last bit and you will find it difficult to invest time on self-love and healing.

There will be rough patches in life and you will get mentally and emotionally exhausted but you have to stop right there, breath out and recharge, and take hold of things in your life again. Give some attention to the following warning signs:

1. You get irritated in no time.

Hopelessness dwells inside and this makes you appear incapable of taking any task on hand. The inability and the lack of power increase irritation. You think that it would be best to avoid the outside world when you can take over and lead with triumph. You’ve grown huge expectations out of yourself and you’re not getting enough success in fulfilling any of them.

Anyone in your shoes could easily lose the game but the key to remain in total control would be taking some time off and work on yourself. Indulge in some productive activity rather than just recklessly wasting time. Do a thing that you enjoy the most and get back to recovery.

2. You are overwhelmed with the gush of emotions, running low on motivation.

You struggle to get the work done because you may not seem to find enough motivation and you are at a loss of stimulation to get you through your goals that you’ve set for your life.

You are trying too hard and making everything difficult for you. You are not able to see inspiration and you need that desperately. You will find it and maybe at the place where you’ve least expected it.

3. Anxiety creeps longer than usual.

Over exhaustion brings anxiety attacks more than usual for you. This would become a daily routine if you don’t find a way to heal your wounds and figure out what you need in life.

Spend some time in isolation and put some serious thought to what your goals are and what should be done to get to them.

4. Trouble falling sound sleep.

You can’t seem to find a place where you put your thoughts to calm and tranquility feels far away. Insomnia is common and strikes you when you experience overwhelmed exhaustion.

5. You get upset for no reason.

Your nerves get way more sensitive and you get upset even on trivial things. You may find yourself shedding tears here and there due to intense feelings.

You are actually allowing yourself suffer for things that are not important for your mental and emotional health. You need time to reconstruct your world and this wouldn’t be hard once you get on track.

6. Over-exhaustion makes a person dizzy and nauseous.

A big warning sign whenever a person experiences a mental breakdown is constant dizziness and nausea. Mental over-exhaustion has its toll on physical health.

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