6 Tested Ways to Turn and Tempt Your Man On

The itsy bitsy moments of love and the warmth you feel in the initial days are the most memorable ones you remember. Why do you want to make them memories? Why not living each day with the same fire of love as your first day together? You wonder now-a-days that your love may start to dwindle and the passion is not that high. You may also be clueless about the ways to bring back your love life to an active mode. There could be ways to turn and tempt your man on and you should know before your man will start complaining of it.

As you start your life together and settling in, the routine makes you believe that you are already living with each other, you love immensely, and there is no need to go to the extra mile pleasing your man now and again. But you should understand that if the romantic feelings are not stoked time and again then the fire of passion will slowly turn to smoke.

You would not want your relationship be devoid of desire and just a steady romance. You would definitely want to do everything in your power to keep the fire of passion burning for which you should try the following ways to turn and tempt your man on and keep things interesting.

1. Enthusiastically do activities with him


When was the last time you showed interest in his activities? You should try to include yourself in the activities he loves to do and join him in the fun. Don’t just do it forcefully but show your enthusiasm that you are really interested and want to pursue his hobbies and preferences.

2. Tell him about your interests as a bonding exercise


You may not have spoken to him of your interests then how about opening up this time and telling him about our passions. This would be a great bonding exercise as he will get to know details about your life that you were keeping to yourself earlier.

3. Don’t lose your physical fitness


Men, may not tell you, but they really care about the physical fitness of their partner. He may lose his interest if you will start to get a little out of shape. You should choose healthier eating choices when it comes to stay fit and for healthier lifestyle. He would want his partner to look the most beautiful and healthy in the world. You could only achieve that by taking care of your physical fitness.

4. Keep looking for ways to do effective communication


You will agree to this that the way of speaking and choice of words have a great impact on the listener. Try to implement this with him too. You can make him drawn to you with apt enunciation and delivery of words while speaking with him. Do not keep things to yourself, be open to him every time, tell him how you feel, and if something is bothering you in the relationship, convey it to him as soon as possible.

5. Don’t lose your independent stance


If you were strong and independent earlier and now you want to change yourself and be submissive then stop doing it right now. He loves you because of the way you are and changing yourself for the sake of pleasing him will make him feel that you are not strong. Men find women attractive when they know what they want and what they require from the life.

6. Speak for your rights


You should tell him about your rights and that you will not tolerate if someone wants to erase the lines you have drawn. Some men find this very attractive when they see their woman stronger and the person who can stand up for right and wrong.

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