6 Signs you’re an earth angel but you don’t know it yet

Earth angels teach people to live in harmony and move on from hate, intolerance, violence, or oppression. Such are the people who can bring big changes in the withered norms and make people free from oppression; not only from the tyrants but also from their own oppressed self. They are the ones filled with positivity, pure love, happiness, joy, and they live life by doing selfless acts. Their hearts are filled with emotions to do better for the planet and the people, and in doing so they often get frustrated with the current state of affairs.

1. You are highly sensitive to world problems

Earth angels feel overwhelmed by all the problems in the world but saving the planet comes at a hefty cost. They are highly sensitive to violence, hatred, or negative things and they feel frustrated as though they can’t ever come close to making a difference. They avoid big crowds and being around loud people as this way they can protect themselves from the over stimulating outside world.

2. You like to spend time alone

Earth angel loves digging deep into their psyche to recharge and rebalance for the next encounter with the outside world. They spend time alone to heal from inside and work to become the best versions of them to bring change in the world.


3. You likely to deeply connect to fellow human beings

You are an earth angel if your heart aches to see all the suffering of people and there is always an urge gushing in your veins to help someone in need. We all live in an uncertain fabric of time, difficult and scary things at our disposal, but lightworkers are always ready to bring positivity in every situation.

4. You are an earth angel because you live for a greater purpose

Worldly desires, structured, path, and conditioned society, have never lure you to deviate from your greater purpose in life. You feel a strong pull to work in the field of humanitarianism. You want to follow your own rules instead of following a routine of society.

5. Your decisions are based on your intuition

It becomes hard for you to live by pure logic. You would rather make decisions on your emotions and intuition than following the way of society. Your intuition allows you to connect with things through art, music, sharing stories, and making connection with others in a meaningful way. You listen to your inner voice for assistance from the divine.

6. You reject unrealistic modern deals

Most earth angels rejoice love, happiness, freedom, and collective efforts than materialistic goods. There brain and heart reject greed, materialism, corporations, and anything that promotes separation and division. They like to spend time in the comfort of their home and wandering in the nature. They realize the need to support each other to survive and live happily. They connect with people in the light of ancient wisdom and spread message of love and harmony. They feel uncomfortable in the unrealistic modern society as it promotes separation and isolation from one another.

Do you feel you have any of the above signs in your personality? May be you have an earth angel hidden inside and ready to impact the world with positivity but you haven’t explored it yet. Just don’t be lost in shine and glamour of this world, remember your purpose!